Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

Saturday morning my son Zach moved to Alabama. Zach moved there to live with his favorite cousin. He will be helping her by watching her boys so she can return to work or whatever, and he will hopefully get a part time job out there too. I hope the change of scenery does Zach good and that he does great out there.

We will miss Zach. Bree is ticked that Zach didn't kiss her goodbye, although he did, she was just sleeping at the time. Both Jilly & Bree have started wearing stocking caps, maybe trying to be like Zach? LOL Bree is going to miss having pillow fights with Zach.

What I won't miss though is the horrible mess left in the basement. The constant meanness towards his sister Kelsey. Nor the constant complaining about the girls being loud, the house not being spotless, someone taking to long in the bathroom...stuff like that!

Good luck in Alabama Zach! We hope to see you at Christmas time. Love ya.

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Mindi said...

Hope everything works out for all of you! It's hard living under the same roof sometimes!