Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazy Weather

Happy Thanksgiving Day EVE! :)

The turkey (me) has arrived.

I bet you were missing me weren't you?

I've slacked a bit in the posting area. I blame Dazee for talking to me all the time LOL just kidding.

We had some crazy weather the other day out here. Tornado warnings, IN NOVEMBER. Bizarre. Just as it was time to head out to run an errand and to pick up the girls, the tornado warning thing comes on tv. Thankfully it wasn't for my area, but to some nearby. It got me nervous.

Zach & Bree & I went to CVS, then to the school. At this point it had started to rain, heavily. We waited, and waited..and discovered they were not letting the kids out! Zach had to go to the bathroom, so we zoomed home quick, so he could do that, and I could check the phone to see whats up with the school stuff. Sure enough, they had left a msg at 2:55 to say they were holding the kids over because of the weather. Ummm maybe next time they should call earlier, or make some kind of loud speaker announcement for the people that were already THERE waiting! I thought my cell number was in the school info for these type of things but I didn't get any call on my cell. While we were checking the phone, the rain came down harder and harder, the winds picked up, the garbage can blew out in the street..some small chunks of hail fell too. I pulled the van into the garage once I saw hail :) Then I made Zach go out in it to fetch the trash can before it blew to far away...he got soaked!

Finally after several phone calls, we heard they would release the kids. First we went to Lincoln, the closest school, that is where I usually pick up all 3 girls, two get bused there. Zach had to run in to get the neighbor girl, they wouldn't let her go on her own. I had to park in a huge puddle that came up mid tire, because the intersection was flooded!

flooded intersection
As I was waiting for Zach to get Jackie, Jilly called...she missed her bus. Oh goody. Kels had called earlier to say she missed hers too... So once Zach & Jackie got in the van we were off to Jilly's school, snagged her, then off to Kelsey's school. Whew. That was exhausting!

No time to relax just yet though. Kels ran in to change, then I had to take her to bowling practice.

Finally, relaxing time. :) It was a crazy afternoon. I was glad to go to bed that night.

QOTD: Have any crazy weather lately?


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Dazee Dreamer said...

hell, that post made me tired. We got a fizzard instead of a blizzard here.