Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Review and Giveaway! (closed)

**Giveway is over, thanks to those who played!


Today I'm going to share with you my very first review AND GIVEAWAY!
Are you excited? I am!!

Thank you so much MyBlogSpark and Pillsbury for giving me this opportunity!

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Would YOU like something to smile about? Need a fast breakfast that is also yummy and easy to eat on the go? I've got the perfect thing for you.



I was very excited to get this offer, because we have tried TOASTER STRUDELs before, and we all love them. If you have never had them, then you are in for a surprise. You just pop them into a toaster to heat them up, when they come out you have a little icing packet, and you can doodle on your strudel! How cool is that? Nothing like a little art work with your breakfast, it makes the kids smile. Speaking of doodling on a strudel, you can virtually doodle on one by clicking over to Pillsbury on Facebook , you can even share your strudel artwork with your friends. How fun is that?

When I went to the store with my coupon for my TOASTER STRUDELs, I let my youngest daughter, Bree, pick out what flavor we got. Bree picked out the blueberry variety. She is a big blueberry fan. Sometimes Bree is a picky eater, so I figure by letting her pick out the item, maybe she'd be more likely to enjoy it. Guess what? She ate ALL her strudel!

After cooking ours, we like to doodle on them, then right before we eat them, I like to smear the icing goodness all over the strudel, so not one bite is without the icing. YUMMY!

doodles strudels

smiles strudels

I would also like to point out that on the box of TOASTER STRUDEL is a Box Top for Education. So not only can you & your child get a good breakfast, but if you collect box tops for your school, they can profit from this too! Good deal!

With the help of Pillsbury, and MyBlogSpark, I would like to make YOU smile too by having this giveaway! You could win this prize package*:


The prize kit* includes a coupon for TOASTER STRUDELs (coupon only good for residents of the US), a stress ball, mug, place-mat, and a giggling Dough-boy doll (He is a good size too, not teeny tiny)! If you would like to win this happy prize package, please leave a comment! Make sure you include a way for me to reach you when you win :) Please tell your friends too! I will pick a winner randomly on Friday morning 11-19. Good luck!

I should also let you know, that Pillsbury is doing a sweepstakes, " A Million Morning Smiles" in which you can win a months worth (4 boxes) of Toaster Strudel! Over 2000 winners per week! You can try to win daily by visiting Pillsbury from now until Feb. 7, 2011.

*This prize package, information and free product was provided to me by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.



VandyJ said...

Turbo has discovered Toaster strudels. He really likes them. I think they are tasty, and yes doodling on them is fun.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would love to win the strudel. Please, Please, Please. I especially want the little doughboy

Anonymous said...

I love the blueberry ones too Bree!
I have some in my freezer now!

Lindsay said...

I'm a college student and could really use something quick and easy to eat for breakfast in the mornings.

Rock, Paper, Scissors said...

mmmmmmm mmmm! I love toaster strudels. All that warm goo-y goodness. I hope I win! My daughter would love the Doughboy!

(contact cjsime007 at gmail dot com)

Kami said...

Kayla says "Yum mom, give me some!" so I guess I will put my post in to win. And she also waves and says "Hi Bree!"

Elliottsmama said...

Simply put, I could use a smile.

Amanda said...

YOU DID AWESOME!!! What a fun giveaway!! A perfect match for a baking maven like yourself!


Mindi said...

How fun is that?!? I've honestly never bought these for my kids. What a bad mother I am! :/ They would love to doodle on them! Heck, I would to. :) Love that it has boxtops for education. Such a great program! Our 2 year old school could use every little one they can get!
Love Jilly's smile!!

Renee said...

Thanks for playing everyone! The giveway is now over, the winner was announced (Mindi) :)