Friday, November 5, 2010

Crazy Woman Calling

Many months ago, my husband checked into getting a payday type of loan. He was approved, but he decided against getting it after all and never got the money.

Somehow, the people think he did...and want it back.

They called yesterday. Husband said he didn't get the money, and they need to go piss up a rope and hung up.

They called back. Hubby retold the crazy woman who was yelling at him that he never got the money, therefore he has no debt to pay back and to stop bugging him about it. He then told them, IF he had gotten this loan, where was it sent to? Of course, they hadn't a clue. He told the woman she was a stupid b***** (that was actually nice for him...), and hung up the phone on her.

Guess what...the phone rings again! This time he just hung it right back up without saying anything.

Apparently that wasn't good enough. The phone rings yet again...this time we let it go to voicemail.

Check out the video, and take a listen to the nice lady calling my husband names...She is CRAZY! **Warning, the video contains cuss words, if you have kids around or are at work, listen at your own discretion.

Bill & I laughed at this so much. We are weird like that.

QOTD: Ever have a crazy collector call you?



Dazee Dreamer said...

that is freaking hilarious.

Tammy said...

Save the message and file a harassment charge against them. Not only are they not allowed to do that but they can get a HUGE fine from it.

Wouldn't it be great to get them fined thousands of dollars for that?

S.I.F. said...

That is CAH-RAZY!!

Elliottsmama said...

You could have a nice lawsuit....

Amanda said...

Oh yes. I got many a call back in the day. (before I let hubby take over money) I was a reckless horrible money manager. But I still hated those calls! :)

You be blessed!