Monday, November 8, 2010

Dear... (11-8-10)


Today I'm going to join my dear friend Dazee again in her little meme 'Dear...'

It swings both ways, you can rejoice about something or rant and complain :) I like the flexibility in this!

Feel free to join in with Dazee, and link up to her blog.

Ready? Set..? GO!

Dear Dancing with the Stars...Please make Bristol go home tomorrow (and take her mom with her!)
Dear ABC...What the heck is with all the Christmas advertising tonight during Dancing with the Stars? Its not even Thanksgiving yet. Don't rush things.
Dear pipe/drain in my basement...Do NOT get messed up again spilling water all over my basement floor.
Dear TLC...Your new show 'Strange Sex' is umm very ummm strange. LOL.
Dear crazy lady (from phone call in previous post) stop calling us.
Dear Kelsey...Great job getting all A's!
Dear Jilly...You did great in a few classes, well done, you have a few more to work on, you can do it!
Dear Bree...You talk a LOT :) While your little fart noise game and you saying "mom, why you farted? Go to the bathroom already" is funny at home, its NOT something you say at a restaurant. (and BTW, I DID NOT FART!)
Dear Mother Nature...still waiting for that snow!
Dear skinny people...Stop saying "oh my I'm chubby I better work out" when you have not an ounce of fat on your body. Look in the damn mirror for gods sake. You won't see fat there. You wanna see fat? Look at me.
Dear auto place...please please PLEASE fix my van tomorrow without costing me a fortune.
Dear Dazee...Chin up girl. The sun will come out tomorrow...(that's me singing the Annie song hehe), when things are getting you down, think of your wacky duck friend.
Ok, enough for now...


Dazee Dreamer said...

you are awesome. thanks so much for linking up. Love that Bree. saying you farted in public. what a hoot.

Elliottsmama said...

Dear Elliott, I miss you
Dear tooth, stop hurting
Dear Dan, I love you, although you drive me nuts
Dear Renee, Thanks for being a good friend
Dear work, coming back tomorrow, please reduce the stress, it is so unhealthy

Anonymous said...

Dear God, please heal everyone on my prayer list.
Dear Squirty, please do not pee in the house anymore.
Dear Renee, I have a surprise for you soon.
Dear sons, please mend the rift between you.
Dear Xiao Xiao, Candy & Squirty please quit farting so much!
Dear Housework fairy, I'm still waiting.....I'd fire you but you have to show up first!

Amanda said...

Great job on your grades girls!

God bless-