Monday, October 26, 2009

Its no wonder I'm a fat cow...

Since having Bree, and being a stay at home mom, I have really packed on the pounds.

I'm home all the time, can't afford to go out and do stuff really, so what do I do to pass time? I eat.
What do I do when I'm lonely? I eat.
What do I do when I'm sad? I eat.
What do I do when I'm mad? I eat.
What do I do when I'm happy? I eat!
That my friends is a lot of eating!

When I shop, I try not to pick up to many sweets or chip type things, because I know if its here, it will be on my fat ass very soon. My husband on the other hand doesn't see that. If I say I'm craving chocolate, the next day he brings home a bag of it. If I say I'm hungry for chips, he brings that home. Just because I want it, doesn't mean I need it! Or so much of it! Like yesterday...Brownies were on sale so he came home with like 10 boxes of it! I know he loves me and is trying to get me things I like, but will he enjoy seeing my ass balloon up so big I won't fit in a seat anymore? Sheesh.

As for the brownie mixes...they are in my pantry, staring me down everytime I go in there. I'm thinking about making something with them for Halloween for Jilly to take to school. Then at least a few of them won't end up on my butt.

Thats it for now...
Toodle MOO



Wendy said...

I completely understand. I've been there and am just now trying to get out of the rut I put myself in. I've stayed home for the last 10 years. And it hasn't been great for me that is for sure.

Mind Of Mindi said...

And this time of year sucks when it comes to all the junk food! I too am an emotional eater, more than anybody knows! I've suffered from it for a long long time. And I'm TRYING to break the habit so much that I need to pay a therapist to try to convince me that I can do it! My mom has always suffered from being overweight and it always makes me so sad. It's been a long road for her. Funny your husband is just like mine. If I want something (and it's always food related) then he goes and gets it! Hence my therapist is now wanting to speak to him about this because my addiction is so bad I can't do it myself....yeah, good times! Anyways, hang in there! (sorry for the long comment :)