Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween


Its Halloween
I was trick or treating with a toddler, pre-teen, and teen.
The girls were dressed as a bad tourist, a goth girl and a bumble bee
oh, what a sight to see.
The air was brisk & crisp, the wind was blowing about. "It's freaking cold!" I wanted to shout.
One, two, three, four, off we go, door to door.
Candy here, candy there, the girls kept wanting more more more.
Carrying a heavy toddler while I'm coughing up a lung...was not my idea of FUN.
The girls are cold and want to rest,
off we go to Grandma's, she's the best!
Warmth & treats at Grams house for all.
With cough medicine with codine for me, that was the best of all! :)
We survived Halloween 2009 just fine...
With loads of candy & sugar highs!

For your viewing pleasure...





I'm a tired old bat, so thats all for now. Ignore my lame poem lol. I used to love to do poetry, but lately I'm not so good at it...

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Mind Of Mindi said...

hahah! You are much better than I would be!! Looks like you guys had fun! Hope you get feeling better soon! Boodles haha!