Monday, October 19, 2009

Pins & Pumpkins!

Not much new here. We carved pumpkins the other night. What a mess! I'm still finding hidden pumpkin seeds.



The kids enjoyed the pumpkin mess. Bree's was a cat, Kelsey's a bat, and Jilly's a puking pumkin, pretty cool.

I have some pics of Kelsey's finger with the pins in it, pretty cool, see for yourself:

She is pretty bummed that after going to the docs last week, he said that she has to keep her hand splinted and wrapped for another 2 weeks, then at that point he'll re-xray and change to a smaller splint. Right now the thing she has is like the size of a boxing glove.

Bree & I made some crafts last week. We made footprint ghosts, fingerprint spiders, and buttprint pumpkins :) They turned out cute and she had a blast doing it. Here are some pics.


Another fun, yet time consuming thing we did was make edible worms! They look totally cool, but not really worth the time it took, plus they didn't have much flavor. Bree loved them though :) Check out my worms:


Thats it for now...toodles!

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Mind Of Mindi said...

OMG the buttprint one is CLASSIC!! I love to do arts and crafts with my kids (especially during October!) I need to try this!