Sunday, October 11, 2009

Catch up

Wow, I haven't posted yet in October. Oops. I didn't really have much to say I guess. Been kind of blah feeling lately.

Last week was slightly eventful though. On Wednesday afternoon I got a call from the high school. Apparently Kelsey had broken her finger in PE. I didn't freak out because a lot of times Kelsey is a drama queen and its not nearly as bad as she says. So I figured she'll come home, we'll go to CVS and get a splint and tape the finger up in it, no big deal, thats what they would do if we went to the doctors. Money is very tight so I was hoping to avoid a doctor visit. I had just gotten Aubrey to sleep, so Zach offered to go pick Kels up at school for me. When she got home she was sobbing like crazy. The school nurse said it was pretty bad and she should go to the ER. we went. Of course my kids excel at things, but sometimes the wrong injuries! When they break something they break it. Come to find out, Kelsey's finger was not only broke, but it was rotated so it was crooked and turned to the side a bit. Not your ordinary breakage...SO I was told she needed surgery on it the following day. Oh goody.

Look at her ring finger:
Thursday we had to be at the hospital at 9. We had to take Bree with us for a bit, that was a challenge, she does not like to sit still and quiet...We saw the doc, then had to register for day surgery, then go up to her room where she got her IV. Apparently she has tiny veins, it took them 3 tries to get the IV in her, and that was with the help of the anastesioligist (sp?).
Once the IV was in, I called my mother in law and she met me at the house so I could drop Aubrey off and she was going to watch her for me. Thank God, it was a relief not having to chase Bree around, I could actually concentrate on Kelsey. I got back just in time, they were ready to take her back. The surgery lasted almost an hour and she did fine. They straightened the finger, then put 2 pins in it to hold it into place, and wrapped it up. We go back on Thursday for another xray and to get it looked at, and a smaller wrap thing put on it. I think the pins need to be in for 4 weeks or so.
Kelsey is doing really good. She hasn't had any pain meds since Friday night.

Friday we went to my moms for a bit to do some cleaning for her and hung out a bit. Other then that we've done nothing! SO BORING. Its cold outside, so we've been in the house cuddling up in blankets and watching tv. Also working on potty training for Bree...which is fun...NOT. :)

Thats all for now...Toodles

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