Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Halloween is almost here. Just wondering...what kind of trick will YOU do for a treat?

I'll do one. Right now. Are you ready? I'm going to eat something gross...


Are you sure?


Here it goes...


Yummy worms :) Want one? Now where is my treat?!?

In other news...Kelsey got her big splint taken off today and the pins in her finger removed. Yay. She is so happy to have that taken care of. Tomorrow she has to go to physical therapy, cha ching, fun fun. Here is a picture of her hand/finger with the pins right after they took the splint off, before they removed the pins. Her hand is all gross, dry and dirty (and stinky too!) from having that big splint on for 3 wks.

To take your mind off that grossness, here is a picture of little Miss Bree coloring...and of course making a mess lol. I think she got more marker on her then on the paper.


Thats it for now :) Toodles

1 comment:

Mind Of Mindi said...

Ok those worms look gross, but my son would LOVE THEM!! I was wanting to make some slime with them tomorrow!

Your poor daughter with the hurt finger! OUCH!! And, no kidding cha ching! I can't believe how much physical therapy was for my husbands knee. Kids are so dang expensive!

haha! Bree and Ava are two peas in a pod. She loves to color on herself too!

Toodles! :)