Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ride the waves, not the carpet!!

OY! One of our stupid cats loves to butt surf across the carpet leaving lovely turd tracks. YUCK!! Sissy please start licking your ass when you are done shitting! Its one thing to scratch your butt surfing like that, but don't use the carpet as your toilet paper. Here is a picture of the little surfer girl:


We have another cat, Tigger, who is no angel herself. Just last night she was naughty, she kept me awake by playing with a stupid ping pong ball toy in the hallway next to my room. She also knocked the gate down going into Aubrey's room twice last night! Bad kitty. Here is Tigger:

And then there is Moo...who is not at the top of my buddy list, and hasn't been for a very very long time...She causes me to much trouble to go into at the moment. Here is a pic though, of our dog, that looks like a cow...Her name is Jasmine, but we nicknamed her Moo and never ever call her Jasmine anymore lol.
(yes, she is wearing a bark collar...with no batteries :) She is quiet when its on even though its not working)

I have a love hate relationship with all these pets we have. Life sure would be easier if we didn't have them, but times they offer some cuddles and they aren't all bad.

One more thing before I get off here...Do you ever HEAR your pets fart? All my life pretty much we've had some kind of pet, cats or dogs...all that time I never HEARD them fart. I would definately SMELL them, but never heard it actually happen...Until I met Bill's cats, and the dog we got once we got together. You actually HEAR them fart! Soooooo very bizarre. At least its good warning to vacate the room.

Thats it for now...

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Renee said...

What? No comments? LOL I thought the title of this post alone would get a chuckle or two. Maybe its just my bizarre sense of humor. :)