Friday, October 23, 2009

Weaning story

Here is the story I mentioned in yesterdays post about weaning. I copied and pasted it from the post I made in my mommy group because I'm way to lazy at the moment to retype it :)

Well, I had tried weaning in the past with Bree, got her down to just middle of the night feedings...Getting her to go to bed was such a chore and she wasn't going to bed some nights till midnight. I got so tired that I caved in and gave her boob because I was in need of sleep....which lead to more and more boob . My daughter totally LOVES booby and she will even tell my boob she loves it lol. She had gotten so demanding about it and I'm tired of it,so we are working on the weaning process again, hopefully for good this time. Last time I used bandaids which worked well, this time not so much...she ripped them off! OUCH!! So the next plan was to talk about how booby was for babies and how she is a big girl now and needs to leave the boobies alone blah blah blah. We even went and got her some new sippy cups that I let her help me pick out. We got ones that have a spout that is even kind of nipple shaped lol, I thought it might help. So the last 2 nights have been rough with her screaming for booby, and begging me, PLEASE MOMMY PLEASE GIVE ME BOOBY, I felt so bad. So last night as she is screaming, I accidentily said something that ended up working to my advantage. I said to her, "Aubrey, I love you, I'm sorry you can't have booby anymore, I know you love it and not having it sucks donkey schlong!" She looks at me and says "donkey?" then she kept pointing to my boobs and whining, saying donkey. I'm like wth?? I didn't mean my boobs were donkey lol. So I got annoyed at hearing donkey so much so I said to her, "ok, fine, donkey. A donkey came, sucked all the booby milk, now its all gone, you can't have it anymore, you need to drink out of the sippy cup for your milk now." She looked at me rather puzzled for a second, then quietly said "donkey" and I said "yes" and she laid her head down on my chest and not another peep was said, she was asleep within 2 minutes! After all that crying all it took was telling her the donkey drank the booby. It was pretty funny.

We are on day 3 (or maybe 4) of the donkey story now. Things are going pretty good. We've had a few bad times but have gotten through it. She has had a little boob in the middle of the night, but she doesn't remember it. I hope she quits asking for it soon....weaning is hard work.


Mind Of Mindi said...

It is soooo hard! It's such a connection you have with your baby! I was so sad to wing my little ava because she's our last. :( I LOVE the donkey story! That is classic!!

Courtney Kay said...

lol that is soooo funny! no kids of my own but had to come over form McMamma's forum to read the story! I promised a 4 year old that I baby-sit that I would have a sleep over with her and her little sister who is 20mo. wanted to join us so the 3 of us fell asleep in the spare room in the bed and in the middle of the night I felt sophie pulling my shirt down and crying for "mommy milk" I told her that mommy was not here that miss courtney was and she said "courtee milk" I didn't have any and she went towards the other boob and I said "that one doesn't have any either" she was not happy to say the least... lol

Audra said...

That's HYSTERICAL! If I had a kid, that's something I would say!

Renee said...

Bree is probably our last too, although I really want 1 more...crazy right?

LOL Courtney. Didn't want to be her pacifier eh?