Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy Dreams

I have always been umm blessed?...or maybe cursed?...with crazy dreams. I think I'm leaning more towards blessed, because most of them are not scary, and are quite humorous and entertaining!

Last night I was able to get enough sleep to actually have a dream. It was odd. I only remember bits and pieces, let me tell you about what I remember. It involved a big old house that was in need of repairs. We moved into this place, and by we, I mean me, and a bunch of people that looked like the Duggar girls. They all had long hair with no style, wore long skirts etc. I don't know if I looked like that because I didn't see my body, I just saw stuff around me. Anyways, this house needed repairs, and there were cracks all over the plaster walls and stuff, some walls had like cracks and had shifted so it was like off kilter even. This house had 2 kitchens, and 2 living rooms, many bedrooms & such. I vaguely remember conversing about rearranging furniture in this house. Before we moved into this house, wild cats took it over because it had been abandoned for a while. These were not just any cats, these cats were like cartoon cats, the kind you see on Halloween things. Cats with arched backs, tails straight up, green eyes. These cats were like cardboard, flat, stiff, no bendable parts. We in the dream, would put rows of rubber bands on our fingers, and then somehow run a finger from our other hand over these rubber bands and it would make them shoot off all over the room. The cats LOVED this and chased the rubber bands. Of course they were like cardboard, so they didn't actually run, they kinda just bounced sorta. That's all I remember. Crazy eh?

I told Bill about this dream this morning. He asked if I was on drugs. I'm not...but maybe it was the combination of the Aleve and the Nyquil cough medicine that caused this craziness. Probably not..I'm just weird.

I've been having a lot of dreams about houses lately! Not long ago I had one that we moved into a big fancy house with 2 business dudes that bought a McDonalds. To get to this house we had to drive through a really bad area, then we turned on a road and it was instant nice with huge houses. We lived on the end of the road in the circle area. This house had a lot of fancy stuff, I loved it. One of the halls had like 4 bathrooms in it. One was for handicapped people and it was like a locker room/bathroom. One bedroom in that hallway had a great room and in the front of that bedroom was a bathroom, shower, sink, toilet, and a half wall separating it from the bedroom part of the room. All my kids wanted that room. Also in that hallway was a strange room...I ventured inside and found an operating table, all kinds of gadgets, a laser thingy, and a bunch of medical stuff. Apparently the previous owner was a brain surgeon, and he did things out of his house. That is all I remember of that strange.

I've had so many odd dreams I should really write them in a journal, give it to my grand-kids someday, they'd think I should have been in a loony-bin.

One dream I had years ago involved my grandma falling in love with a killer whale at Sea World. She actually stood by the viewing glass and married this whale, and kissed it through the glass.

One dream I had involved Bill going to buy a new car. I was waiting at home. He came down the street in our new car...which was a couch, with wheels under it, and to make it go you used your feet, like Fred Flintstone.

One I had involved my mother posing for a naughty magazine and movie...if you know my mother you'd know this would NEVER EVER EVER HAPPEN. Well anyways, I got a picture on my phone of my mother that was x-rated, I was terrified. LOL.

Gosh I have so many.. I'll stop now though, now that you know how crazy I am.


P.S. I must be somewhat special, I got roses today, not once but twice! My husband brought me some home this morning, and I got a delivery this afternoon from my mom. Thanks Mom & Bill!


Dazee Dreamer said...

good god woman. the one with the doctors room is hilarious. and your grandma marrying a whale. You far out do my dreams sista.

Mindi said...

hahahah! I'm dying over the killer whale dream! You do have crazy ones! Mine are always nightmares.
Smell your roses for me! I love the way they smell!