Monday, February 21, 2011

Shop Till We Drop

Our tax refund came Friday.

Its so nice to have extra money around for a while. I just wished it would last longer!

We paid off my Fashion Bug credit card, yay! It's been forever since I bought anything with it, but I've been paying on it for a few years, the damn interest rates were killing me and I never seemed to make any headway with it. I love that store, but no longer get to shop at it much now that they closed the one closest to us.

We stocked up on groceries with some of our refund money. We have 25 boxes of macaroni and husband said since its on sale we need to get it. That is a lot of mac & cheese...

We used some money to buy the girls some new clothing. Bree's out growing all her stuff so she got several dresses, she loves dresses. Kels & Jilly both got new swim suits and a few clothing items so far, they still have a bit left to shop with. I was to get things for me too, but after shopping for several hours with the girls things were going downhill fast. We were all tired & cranky, so I just grabbed 2 t-shirts and a pair of capris to work out in. I wish I had more time to look for me, but oh well.

Some of the money is going to a mini-vacation. It will just be a 2 night stay at Key Lime Cove in Gurnee IL. They have an indoor waterpark and arcade, several eateries, a spa, and shopping things all in a nice hotel. We haven't gone on any vacation in forever, so we are looking forward to it, even if its still in IL, and only for 2 days. That is 2 days I don't have to cook or clean :) The girls are looking forward to the indoor waterpark. Bree keeps asking me if today is the day we are going to the water place.

We'll be using some of the money to board the dog while we are gone. She is also getting caught up on her vaccinations. The cats need to go to the vets for their stuff too, but their appointment hasn't been made yet.

A lot of the refund will be put aside, for stupid real estate taxes. Ugh those taxes are a killer.

I wish our refund was bigger. There are many things that we could use the money for. Like a new TV, the on/off button apparently got pushed one to many times, and it went inside the TV and is no longer usable. We have to use the remote to turn it on and off, if the remote gets lost, we are screwed. There are many repairs around here that need to get done, remodeling that would be nice to do. Of course never ending bills to pay.. But, that is always the case I think, always wishing for more... We'll be sure to enjoy what we have now though.



Dazee Dreamer said...

Your vacation sound really fun, and you totally deserve some time not having to cook and clean.

We haven't even done our taxes yet.

Elliottsmama said...

For most of our married life, we paid at tax time. You sound like you got a million dollars to me

anywhere but here said...

I used to live in Gurnee, and I hate to tell you, you'd be better off going to the Dells for 2 nights. Key Lime Cove is cute and all, but small. And it's sooooooooo expensive. You can stay at the Wilderness in the Dells for $99 a night. And it's more worth it by a mile. Just my two cents!