Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Happy Tuesday.

Its time for my weekly Dear... letters. I'm actually going to be on time with them this week...usually I end up doing it few days after Dazee posts hers. I'm really on the ball this week. Actually, its purely luck...I came on here to whine, and what better way to do it than with the Dear... letters which can be good or bad. Feel free to join in on the fun, and go over to Dazee's and link up...She'd love you for it, as would I.


Dear Fast Care at Walmart...You were not fast at all! But...I'm thankful for you, I was able to get Bree checked, and some medicine for her to hopefully make her finally feel better.

Dear Bree's tonsils...shrink up, you mean things, you've caused my little stinker enough pain & suffering already.

Dear Vomit...why oh why must you smell so disgusting and be so hard to clean up?

Dear idiot who put carpet in my bathroom...WTF were you thinking? Did you not realize that toilets over flow, that there is a lot of moisture in bathrooms, and that people vomit in there and might not make it all into the toilet...therefore getting it on the stupid carpet??

Dear Hoover Steamvac...Thank you for being here in my time of need.

Dear Bree...Please, no barfing today. I'm proud of you for running to the bathroom to try to get your barf into the potty. I'm not mad you didn't quite get there, making puke get all over the side of the toilet,the seat, the wall, the trash can, and the carpet. Grossed out that I had to clean it,yes, but mad, no. I hope you start feeling better.

Dear fever...You can go away now and stay away from Bree, its time.

Dear glasses place...I wish you would have called me early yesterday, before I went to Peru and back. But..I'm glad you finally called, took ya long enough.

Dear glasses...I've waited for you for so long...only to find I hate you. LOL. I need to go back and get you readjusted, you slide around to much and drive me nuts. You are going to take a lot of getting used to...damn bifocals. Looking out the top is nice, but I still see everything under and its all like blurry, I had to take you off after a few hours last night because you made me feel dizzy.

Dear Self...I'm very disappointed in you. (Hang on readers, this is going to be a long one) After 37 consecutive days of working you, you took a break. Shame on you. Granted, it was for a good reason, you were gone most of the day, you didn't feel well, and by evening when you were going to do it Bree got sick throwing up and you needed to stay with her. (long sentence, sorry) You were worried she'd throw up while you were downstairs and you'd not hear her when she needed you. You did the good mom thing and stayed by her side, even slept with her so you could hand her the puke bucket if needed. But, still...you missed a day. Now you don't want to return to working out. I know you feel like crap today, weak, achy, tight throat/chest, hacking up a lung or two...and I suppose if you skipped today no one would really hold it against you. You are your worst enemy. You feel disgusted with yourself, you feel like you FAILED, you feel disappointed and discouraged, you feel like giving up. Try not to let those feelings get to you. I know you'd feel much better if you were able to sleep several hours, uninterrupted, you'd probably be raring to go after that. Sleep is good for the sickies and the soul...and for weight loss too I hear...I guess if your sleeping you aren't eating :) I hope you can get better soon, quit hacking up a lung, so you can get back on track with the working out program.

Dear cough...leave me alone.

Dear lungs...I need you IN my body, don't let the cough evict you.

Dear Bree & Jilly and me... Lets kick some sickie ass and get these germs out of here!

Dear readers...I hope some of this actually made sense. I don't know anymore LOL.



Dazee Dreamer said...

first of all. thank you for being one of the few that do dear letters every week. I love you.

Second. Don't be so hard on yourself about the exercising. You have been doing good.

Get those glasses adjusted and they probably won't make you dizzy. your eyes will adjust to where to look. give them time

Amanda said...

WOW!~ Sounds like mom and daughter could use some relief ASAP!! Hope this gets better soon... I feel you pain and it sucks!