Thursday, February 10, 2011

I need YOU. :)

This summer I am participating in not one, but TWO, yes 2, Relay For Life walks.

The first one is in June I believe, and we are on a team called Elliott's Luek Troop. Elliott is my friend Dan & Cindy's son, who passed away in April, and we will walk to honor him & his memory.

The second one will be in July, right here in my town. My daughter Kelsey has decided that her Grandpa needs a team. He is battling cancer, and doesn't have a whole lot of time left the doctors say. He might prove them wrong...we are hoping. Anyways, his name is Terry Hebert. We are trying to come up with a team name. I suggested Grandpa's Groupies...Kels isn't to sure on that one yet. SO, I'm asking YOU...Can you give us some name suggestions for this team? Something fun & catchy would be great. Terry is a big Mustang car fan, so maybe something to do with that? I kind of need a name by TONIGHT. There is a meeting tonight and we went to get the team registered. So, HELP :) Please. Thank you. Leave your team name suggestions in the comment area.



For Heavens Sake! said...

How about Trekking for Terry?

Amanda said...

Oh man! WIsh I could hep but I SUCK at naming things!!