Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Earning for Christmas

Money is always tight around here, especially at Christmas time. So, to help out with that I've decided to join several things in order to earn amazon gift cards to buy my kids Christmas presents.

I joined Swagbucks first. I'm a fan of swagbucks although recently they've really pissed me off. I have a referral link to give people to join under me. That way they sign up, and what they earn I earn too up until they get 3000 swagbucks I think it is. Well anyways, I gave this link out to people, and 3 of my last referrals didn't show up as my referrals! So I complained to swagbucks, they agreed to link the one up, but will not do the others. In my opinion, I'm being punished unfairly by not having these people linked up and getting credit. It isn't MY FAULT their link doesn't work properly. Anyways...

Even though Swagbucks has upset me, I'm still going to use it, because I can earn amazon cards! So far, I've earned $75 in amazon cards. Once August gets here I hope to have enough bucks to purchase another $25 worth. Thats pretty good for just wasting time on the computer... Since I'm on it a lot of the day why not earn money at it? I have 6 referrals on Swag, would have 8 if the others showed far only 1 of my referrals has actually tried to get swagbucks. I'm hoping the rest start trying soon!

Next I joined iRazoo. Its nearly the same as Swagbucks. On both sites you can do searches, do surveys, watch videos, get codes, and do other things to earn bucks/points. It can be time consuming if you want to earn faster. But if you are on the computer often, might as well do some earning. I think I earn points faster on iRazoo. So far I've earned $40 in amazon gift cards from iRazoo.

Next I joined Superpoints. This one is the easiest of the bunch. Here you can also do surveys, watch videos and stuff, but I mainly do the easy part. I go on every day, and I get 30 spins of the lucky button. (I get more if I get more referrals). Most of the spins I don't win, but every so often I do. It could be one point, or more... The biggest I've won is 50 I think but there are higher ones. You can also win via lucky point emails from them. Basically they send you an email with points, just click it and it goes to your account, easy peasy. I spend a total of maybe 5 minutes on this site a day. I just recently joined and haven't earned a gift card yet, but I'm getting close.

Last night I decided to give zoombucks a try. This is just like swagbucks and iRazoo. I haven't earned a card yet, since I just joined, but I'm trying :)

All this stuff is pretty simple. Some take time, some don't. If you need to earn extra money to spend at amazon (or you can earn other prizes too), this is something to consider doing! I'm going to put my referral links up to all of these, please consider signing up, it will help you, and ME TOO! :) Thanks for listening to my sales pitch lol.

Search & Win


For SUPERPOINTS Network, please send me an email if you are intersted, it doesn't give me a link or banner to post... email me at reneesramblingsATgmailDOTcom (obviously replace the AT with @ and the DOT with a . ). Once I hear from you I'll get you a referral sent via email right away.


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