Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holy Heck its HOT

Not much is going on in these here parts....other than sweating. The temps have been in the upper 90's for several days now with heat index making it over 100. We've been staying inside a lot.

I've been farting around with Bree's hair, trying to figure out some styles to keep her hair up off her neck, and to look cute too. I've found a few awesome hairstyle blogs to learn from. My styling looks nothing like theirs, its going to take me a lot of practice! Here are a few that we've done:

It would be nice if she'd look at the camera for me and smile...she can be so uncooperative...

Its been pretty quiet around here. Kels has been staying places a lot, Jilly's still in Norway (and I miss her), so its been pretty much Bree & I around here most of the time.

Please keep my son in your thoughts. He's made some bad choices in things. Last night his boyfriend dumped him and kicked him out. He's now staying at his dads and his step mom is NOT HAPPY, she can not stand my son. So I hope Zach can get back on his feet with a good job and some money coming in and get his act together. I feel sorry for my ex too...because his current wife is not the most pleasant person and when she's pissed watch out...

Friday the girls & I are going out to visit my Brother & his family. I can't wait to see them all, and the new baby too, it will be our first meeting of little Jude! I will miss home, and my computer lol, but we'll be having a great time visiting & swimming. :)

In case you haven't seen enough pics of Bree, I'm posting a few more, because its my blog and I can. Here is one of her zonked out with her popcorn, and one of her soaking wet after helping me water tomato plants today....and one pic of our cats cuddling, because they are cute...even if they (well one actually) shit on my floor often...


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Tammy said...

I LOVE the girls hair! It looks so cute! I really wish Paige would let me do her hair. Paige likes the hearts in Bree's hair too but she still doesn't want me to do it. LOL