Monday, July 11, 2011

Two out of Three

Two of my three girls are GONE.

Jilly left on the 8th for Norway. She was very excited to go, and I'm sure she's having an awesome time. Friday was a hard day for me though. I'm an emotional mother. I was all teary thinking about her leaving, for someplace SO FAR AWAY, and for such a LONG time... I was also worried about her flight safety, because I am a worrier. She did make it ok, I talked to her Saturday morning. I miss her! Bree misses her too. I'm looking forward to Jilly's next call home, and more forward to August 14th when she returns home! :)

Today Kelsey left for about a week. She is going to stay at our friends Dan & Cindy's house. Kels & Cindy get along great and enjoy time together.

So its mostly just me & Bree around here, since Bill's usually working. Its going to be quiet, well, as quiet as it can get with a 3 yr old yakky girl around...



Elliottsmama said...

Enjoy your break!! Get a sitter for Bri and go out shopping or won't get too many of these days

Dazee Dreamer said...

I agree. You deserve some you time. You've worked hard the last week. Now do it. That's an order!!!

Amanda said...

Oh sweety!! I feel you pain. But I hope the girls have a wonderful time!