Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vet Visits

Tuesday we finally took Moo to the vet. I was happy to hear that my diagnosis was correct. Well, not happy Moo has issues, but happy to know that my research lead me to the right problem. Moo is allergic to fleas. One flea bite can basically make her whole body itchy. We've been battling fleas for a while now off and on, those little things are hard to get rid of! The cats have had them, but we didn't really see them on Moo, but apparently they got her, even if its not many of them the few that did made her skin flare up into an itchy mess. She was chewing herself raw in spots.

I learned that dogs could be allergic to fleas from watching a video on Swagbucks! It got me thinking that is probably what Moo's problem was. After learning this, I went to Petsmart and got some spray for her to relieve itching and I was giving her benedryl, and I got a cone thing for her so she couldn't chew herself up. We also put some flea killer stuff on her. Things were starting to improve but we still took her to the vets for the check up.

We got Moo tested for heartworms, she is good doesn't have them. We got her meds to keep her good for that. We also got a pill that kills fleas on her, dang that was expensive....each pill is over $13. Moo is all set now and we are working to help her with her itchiness.

Now, we have more fun planned, tomorrow I get to take both cats for their check up! Eek, that could be interesting... lol. Wish me luck :) I'm hoping to get to the bottom (lol pun intended) of Sissy's poop issues. That cat needs help...cats shouldn't fart loudly and spray paint poop all over...


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Dazee Dreamer said...

I'm just going to start calling you Dr. Renee.