Tuesday, July 26, 2011

While I was Away...

As I mentioned in my last post I believe, I went to visit my brother & his family for a few days. Kels, Bree & I got up early Friday, loaded up the van and headed out.

Our first stop was to the vets in Princeton to drop off Moo who was staying there while we were away. (Normally Bill would deal with her, but he works 2 jobs and she'd have been outside while he'd have been working, it was way to hot for that, and it turned out to be nasty in other ways too.) Upon leaving the vets, we looked at the sky, it looked pretty crazy! A storm seemed to be brewing. We stopped at BK and snagged some breakfast to eat on the road and off we went. Shortly after we got on the interstate, it started to rain. Yuck, I hate driving in rain, and driving in construction in the rain is really sucky. Thankfully the rain didn't last long. We drove, and drove, and drove. Stopped a few times for pee breaks, because we had Bree with she's not super good at holding things sometimes and I didn't want to risk her having to go when it was going to be to hard to get to a potty, so we stopped at easy to get to places as we went.

We arrived in Springfield around lunchtime. We unloaded and visited a bit, then went and got lunch. Once lunch was over it was play play play time for the little girls. Bree & Trinity hit it off well and kept eachother very busy. Kelsey & I took some turns holding baby Jude. He is so cute. Then we had to run to the store for some makings for dinner. I told Robb & Beth that I'd be cooking dinner for them. They always seem to treat us out and stuff while we are there so I wanted to do something for them this time.

Beth, Kels, Bree & I took a quick visit to Meijers for some stuff. When we got back, Robb says to me..."Where exactly in Norway is Jilly?" I told him she's near Oslo... to which he said, "Ummm did you hear a bomb went off in Oslo Norway today? And someone killed a bunch of people at a camp?" My heart dropped. Panic hit. I got my phone and dropped a msg to Jilly's step mom on FB, because that is where I usually find her LOL. I asked her if everyone was ok, and to fill me in on what happened. I was to impatient to wait for her reply, so even though it was late there, I called my ex. (He was staying at their place, his wife was with the kids at their cabin). He answered the phone right away and told me everyone was safe and sound. The bombing wasn't to far from where he works, but he's ok. Jilly & the others were further away at the cabin so they were all safe. I guess the bomb went off right near where my ex's sister works, thankfully she was on vacation at the time. Whew. I could breath easier knowing Jilly was safe. I then went on to the task of cooking dinner. We had sweet and sour chicken, my FAVORITE recipe. It takes forever to make because I make a big batch but its so worth it, YUMMY. We had dinner pretty late Friday night.

After dinner Beth & the baby had to go out for a bit to a goodbye party for a co-worker of hers, so Robb & I and my girls hung out together. We went into the pool for a late evening swim. The weather had been like around 100 for several days, and the pool water was HOT. I've never been in a hot pool before. When I say hot I mean like water I'd take a bath in hot. Wild. There was a deer out in the field by his house grazing as we swam.

Saturday the girls played all day. I made ribs for us for dinner. Beth made a bunch of pasta salads and potato salads during the day, we had them with the ribs for dinner. We basically just hung out relaxing all day and visiting. Jude took a 3 hr nap on me, Bree joined him on my lap for one too. So I had 2 kids sleeping on me for a while. Robb & the girls went out swimming for a bit while I was being a mattress for the baby. It was a nice day.

Sunday morning Bill sent me a text. He said on his way home from work he saw lightning strike a pole that was about 40 feet from his truck. He said it scared the crap out of him. When he got home the power was out. A hell of a storm came through with high winds and lots of lightning. There are tree limbs and some pretty large ones down all throughout the town. Power remained out for 9 hours. I'm glad I wasn't home :) Out in Springfield we got a storm too, but not that bad. We spent the day chilling out and visiting some more until about 5 p.m. when I loaded up and we headed home.

I'm closing with a few pics from our weekend. Enjoy!

This is why I get along great with my SIL Beth...she's a little crazy just like me. :)

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Dazee Dreamer said...

cute, cute pictures. Those girls were so cute together in their same outfits.