Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm a Dreamer

The night before a trip or special event I always sleep like crap. Last night was no exception to that and I had a night of being awake and tossing and turning. In the few hours I did sleep I had a crazy dream. I mentioned before I have crazy dreams right? Well I do. I'm going to tell you parts I remember, it might be kind of rambly, because I don't remember it all, and because well, its RENEE'S RAMBLINGS so .. :) LOL

I was at a party at Mrs. K's house (She is Jilly's old 1st grade teacher, when we moved to Mendota I didn't know anyone and I became friends with her, she told me things I needed to know, doctors to go to etc, love Mrs. K :) ). I don't recall what the party was for, but there was a lot of people mingling about and a lot of buffet tables with food.

At one point, I let Mrs. K's COW, and CHICKEN out into the front yard to roam about for a bit. LOL yes, a cow and chicken... I told you I had crazy dreams! The cow was normal looking, white with black spots. The chicken was a bit odd...It had a LONG neck, and it had a hairdo that kind of looked like one you'd see on a poodle. Anyways, the cow and chicken were out in the yard, pecking and eating grass and stuff. The chicken started to go over the yard border, so I took it inside to keep it out of trouble. I ended up mingling with someone inside while doing so, so I didn't get back outside right away. When I did return outside the cow was gone! EEK! I yelled to Mrs. K that the cow is lost! Mrs. K started crying and got all frantic and we sent out party members to look for the cow. I went back outside calling, "Here cow cow cow!" and what do you know, it came running down the street. Except, it ran past me, and turned down the road where there was a dog out. (This part is sad :( ) The cow got on top of the dog and was like jumping on it. I called off the cow and carried it into the house (I was strong apparently!) while yelling to Mrs. K, "I got the cow I got the cow! But get outside the dog it attacked needs help!" So Mrs. K ran to the dog who was laying in the street wimpering. She had some nearby friends load the dog up and take it to the vets. (Don't know what came of the dog, I hope it survived!)

Then all went ok, we went back inside to the party. I was a famous blogger, lol I failed to mention that earlier :) Yes, it IS A DREAM lol. Mrs. K surprised me by having one of my fans there. The fan loved me and was so excited to meet me. It was a tall older lady with light blue hair, and she wore glasses and her name was Orange Marmalade! LOL

That is all I remember. I hope you enjoyed my crazy dream. Pray for the dream dog ok? :)

I'm heading out shortly to go visit my brother in Springfield. Its just the girls & I because Bill has to work. We are very excited to go see them and the new baby :) As always, I'll be sure to take lots of pics, and probably bombard you all with them here when I return.

Have a fun and safe weekend everyone. Peace.



Joanna said...

Holy cow, Renee...LOL

I've always loved your crazy dreams - they make me laugh so much.

Dazee Dreamer said...

you have weirder dreams than me. and that's saying a lot