Sunday, November 1, 2009

My achy breaky body.

Oh my achy breaky body! Today I mowed, and raked, and bagged up leaves. That was hard work for a fat old lady who is sick and coughing up a lung. LOL. I'm sore in places I didn't know I could be sore at. Fun fun :) I will be so glad when I feel better, this sick crap is getting old.

Our trees are now bare. The yard is raked. Halloween is over. Bring. On. The. Snow! I love snow. I know, I'm crazy. But its pretty. Snow is so much better to look at then rain, and leafless trees, and brown grass. Plus, its fun. Snowballs and snowmen, and sledding woohoo. It drives my husband nuts that I like snow, he hates it.

I belong to a mommy group. Each week we do a Self Portrait Challenge. That means we take a picture of ourselves, with whatever the topic is. This weeks is self, with something ugly. I have sooooo many ideas for this one. :) Anyone else wanna join in and do a self portrait challenge with me on here?

Gotta go, Bree's cranky and Desperate Housewives is on.


Mind Of Mindi said...

Your group sounds like fun! I need to join something like that, I don't know enough adults I'm on a 2 year olds level all day :/

You need to rest if your going to get better silly!! And I want to adopt your love of snow!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

I want to join that group too!

And I think you are nuts to love snow that much... I moved *away* from the great white north to avoid that stuff!!!!


Renee said...

Its a great mommy group, its online though, not real life hang out with unfortunately. It is a mommy group started for women who were due to have babies in Dec. of 2007. We've all become very close even though we are miles apart. Each day we have a question of the day, a crazy trivia question of the day, and a daily dirty mind game. Weekly we have a SPC. I love my mommy group :) I wish I could hang out with them in person.

Mindi, how am I going to rest with 3 girls being crazy? lol I totally wish I could nap at least, but Bree's naps have been in the van lately when we are on the go, so I don't get to join her.

Sunny day today, in the 50's, no snow yet, drat. I better have some for my birthday...its my wish every year.