Thursday, December 16, 2010


Time for this weeks installment of Dear... Play along if you'd like. Dazee is my buddy and she'd love to know that a lot of people are playing along.


Dear have a ton of blubber on you, WHY are you so cold lately? You should be all toasty.

Dear bank account...I hope you have some money left in you once Christmas is over...Mr. B seems to be buying a lot of stuff, not sure where the money is coming from...

Dear McDonalds...Please please, I'm BEGGING NOT get rid of the $1 drinks at the end of this month. :( When you do that, I can no longer afford to visit you as often as I do, and I can't get my McD's coke fix, and it makes me very sad & cranky, because NO ONE offers coke as good as yours. But once you do away with it I have to go to Casey's, where their drinks are under $1.

Dear Self...once all the good food in the house is gone, you need to start dieting, and exercising more. You look like a big fat pig, and you are gross.

Dear Bree...I believe I've asked this of you before, like a million times...could you PLEASE start sleeping through the night? You are almost 3 now, this up several times a night thing is totally sucking donkey schlong and mommy is tired.

Dear Jilly...I hope you feel better tomorrow. When you do, clean your room and put your clothes away, I've been asking you to do it for a week now.

Dear place that fixed my van...THANKS. Its so nice driving a quiet van now, no more moaning, no more embarrassing looks from the moaning I'm thankful!

Dear laundry...I still hate you.

Dear bra...I still hate you too! Have I mentioned my hate for my underwire bra? Sheesh...torture! I like the mountains it gives me though, instead of my usual slopes.

I guess that should be it for now...


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Dazee Dreamer said...

that rocked!!!! Thanks so much for linking up.