Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The View From Here

I want to share with you the view I see daily. It is not a pretty view.

Hold on to your hats...

cat rear
Do you know what that is? Its my cats BUTT!

I love my cat, both of them actually... The cat you see in this pic is Sissy. Sissy used to be so afraid of me and everyone. Now she is like a little leech, and she won't leave me alone. If I am sitting here in my chair at the computer, and I lean back to relax a second, she takes that as an invitation to jump up onto me. She climbs onto my boobs, then proceeds to walk in a circle. She makes the trip around, sticking her rear in my face several times before she finally plops down and starts rubbing her face against mine.

She seems starved for attention. Probably because Bill & Zach are always mean to her. The other girls are more into Sissy has taken an extra special liking to me, and getting my attention. I give her some often...but I could totally do without her butt in my face.

That cat butt is the most wicked cat but you'll ever experience. You should hear, and see the stuff that comes out of it. I have never HEARD a cat fart until I met Sissy. She farts like a grown man, with major stomach issues. You can hear it from the other side of the house! Its very scary... Which is another reason why I do not want her rear anywhere near my face.

Just thought you'd like to see my view... Be thankful you don't get to see it in person :)

QOTD: Have you ever HEARD a cat fart before?



Mindi said...

Oh dear god! I feel for you!!!!! haha!

Amanda said...

Oh no you didnt. GROSS!!! No, I dont think I have ever heard a cat fart! :)