Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve as I type this, a little after 6 p.m.. The kids are fed, and have opened their Christmas Eve present of new pj's to wear tonight (our yearly tradition). I'm hoping little Miss Bree goes to sleep soon. She was really tired around 4, I had to struggle to keep her awake then, but it appears she may have gotten a second wind. Oh no!

I'm excited for Christmas morning. I'm sure the kids will be surprised. I'm surprised myself, I think we did decent for them this year, not sure how, but we did. I'm pretty sure they won't get as much as their friends, but well, they'll have enough, and they'll have things they wanted, so to me, I think that is good.

I have heavy thoughts tonight. I'm thinking about a lot of friends going through struggles right now.

I have friends going through their first Christmas since the loss of their son.

I have a 'friend' who's blog I've followed over the years that just lost her husband in a car accident on Dec. 22. I don't really know know her, but I feel bad about what she is going through. It is something horrible, and to have it Christmas week makes it even worse. She & her 6 kids will be alone tonight.

I have a friend that is hurting tonight, and mourning the loss of a friend in another way. A friend that feels betrayed, and accused.

I have a friend trying to mend a family tonight that has been apart for many years.

My Jilly is without her father this Christmas, he is living in Norway now. He too is missing her so much.

I am missing my brothers and their families.

And of course I have my dear friend Dazee who is wishing she could be spending Christmas with me :) LOL Ok, maybe she isn't...

Anyways... Please keep my friends & Jilly and her dad in your thoughts tonight & tomorrow. I'm sure there are many others struggling this holiday too. I wish everyone could be happy.

Please everyone, have a safe, and happy Christmas. Eat good food and enjoy good company. Celebrate life, friends, and family.

(time for me to enjoy a wine highball...its been a L O N G day.)


Dazee Dreamer said...

you nutbutt. You know, there's an empty house next door to me. You should move your family out here. Then Bree would have a friend to play with. It's a win, win situation.

merry christmas to my friend.

Elliottsmama said...

Thanks for thinking of THIS friend. I feel numb tonight as I struggle not to be overwhelmed. Hoping tomorrow will be a tad better. Enjoy your Christmas with your family.

Amanda said...

You are so sweet to make such an effort for your kids and their Christmas gifts! And MAN you have a lot of friends hurting right now.. will be praying!


Mindi said...

:( This time of year should be so joyus yet so many people hurt. It's not fair. Life is crazy. I'll never understand. I hope Jilly had an OK Christmas-how hard to be away from her Dad! Hope you all had a good one!