Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear... (1-19-11)

It's time for the weekly Dear... letters. These letters can be good or bad, just whatever you want to get off your chest. Join in, won't you? You can join in here in the comments, or do it on your very own blog! If you do it on your blog, please hop over to Dazee's blog and link up! Thanks!


Dear wii fit...I worked very hard the last few days, exercising more than normal even, because I wanted to snack on a small granola bar and a hot chocolate. Imagine my surprise when you told me I was up 2lbs the next day! That wasn't nice.

Dear obstacle course on wii fit totally kick my ass! I work very hard on you, and I get so frustrated when those darn logs plop on me and flatten me, or when I swear I jump but you say I don't and I fall off the edge. I like you, but I don't like you! :P You make me $#^#@ a lot!

Dear icy roads... I could do without you.

Dear idiot drivers near the schools... PULL YOUR BUTT OVER to drop your kids off. There is a lane for that ya know. But Nooooo you have to be ignorant and just stop in the middle of the road blocking traffic from moving, and blocking those of us that DO follow the rules from getting out of our spots. JERKS.

Dear interruptions of sleep... I DISLIKE you. A lot. Bree is up a few times a night at least. Sometimes its just me having to pee, sometimes its the dog having to pee. This morning it was the phone. At 6 the phone rings, its the high school saying school is closed due to icy roads. I thought you suck for waking me up, but yay I can shut the alarm off and go back to sleep! Not. At 6:30 when I was just starting to doze back off, the phone rings again, its the grade school telling me school is closed. Then, at 6:40 Bree wakes up screaming that Ninny aka Jilly was smacking her (she was dreaming, Jilly was up in her bed trying to sleep). Then at 6:50 the phone rings again, its Jackie the girl I give a ride to school...she was wondering if there was school. Ugh. By this time Bree, who I brought to my bed when she woke up a bit earlier, was yakking away and tossing and we got up.

Dear Swinging Baby Yoga freak....How could you do that to a baby?! That looks so wrong. Don't you pull the kids arms & legs out of socket doing that?! Lets talk about other things, like shaken baby? I believe what you are doing is very similar! I think what you are doing is child abuse. Readers, you can see for yourself here.

Dear popcorn... you smell so very good. But, I'm on to you, I know you are evil.

Dear Optical place...STILL waiting for MY glasses. Jilly & Bill got theirs...where the hell are mine?

Dear Chicken Taco Soup... MMMM MMMM you were GOOD.

Dear McD's Coke... I miss you. I haven't had you since last Friday. I've had 2 DIET cokes since..but its totally NOT THE SAME.

Ehhh I guess thats it for now.

QOTD: Do you do Yoga?



Amanda said...

Was that swinging baby thing not INSANE!!!! I could not believe it!! And yay you for still working out... you ROCK!!!

Dazee Dreamer said...

hahaha. the cokes, totally understand that letter. And the yoga baby, just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Hell, there is no way I could do yoga. Too much laughing would ensue.

thanks for linking up. your rock

Tammy said...

The swinging baby yoga was sooo scary and not cool. I couldn't even watch much of it because I was so terrified she was going to hurt the baby.

I've never tried yoga but it is tempting. A high school friend of mine owns and operates a yoga studio in California and I know that if I ever want to give it a try, he will be happy to point me in the right direction for a newbie.