Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Howdy Ho Yo!

It's time for the first Dear... letters of 2011! Good or bad, these little letters help me express my feelings, hopefully in a way that you'll enjoy reading :) Please stop by Dazee's and link up with your own Dear... letters!


Dear Kelsey & Jilly...I hope you enjoy your first day back to school after Christmas break, I know I WILL! :)

Dear Bill...Enjoy your first day back to work after being off for 2 weeks...I know I WILL :)

Dear Normal...its so good to see you again!

Dear Quiet...Its good to see YOU TOO! I still have Bree making some noise during the day, but it is so much quieter now that the others are back to work/school. There isn't constant bickering & yelling all day.

Dear treadmill...lighten up will ya? This body isn't used to treadin' go easy on me.

Dear Coke...I had you today. You were so good. I love you. After 4 days with no pop/soda you were a total orgasm for my taste buds.

Dear McD's...Thank you for not jacking your pop/soda prices back up on Jan. 1! I was so happy to see my coke was still a buck today.

Dear wii fit...I have a love hate relationship with you. You are kind of fun, but da-AMN, you make me sore! That stupid hoola hoop game darn near kills me...these hips were not made to do that.

Dear food bloggers...why do you make such yummy looking stuff, its torture for us dieters :P

Dear Self...Keep up the good work on the diet & exercise! You're not perfect, but you are trying hard.

Dear readers...Thanks for reading my blog. If you haven't clicked the follow button yet..please do so...I'd love to get new followers!

Dear friend of mine...I hope you get some good news soon, so you can be at ease and out of this limbo caused by someone you cared about.

Dear water...you suck. Thankfully I picked up some Crystal Light to make you a bit more appealing.

Dear house...Now that the kids & Bill are back to work/school, maybe you'll be a bit more clean! I know there will be less dirty dishes that is for sure...Miss Jilly seems to dirty a dishwasher full on her own each day.

Dear laundry...I'm this close to being caught up...please stop multiplying!

Dear blog...I HOPE to be more regular with blogging now...trying to get out of my blogging funk...cross your fingers

Dear Shake Weight...I hope you work wonders on my flabby arms. I love watching the video of the guys doing shake weights...it looks kinda naughty and it cracks me up.

Dear Dear...'s... Its been fun :) I hope you all enjoy my weekly Dear... letters. Its good getting feelings out.

QOTD: Is today a good day for you?



Dazee Dreamer said...

I totally love you for always linking up. You deserve everything you desire. maybe I need to talk to my hubby about getting us a wii fit

S.I.F. said...

What a fun idea!! Now, do you think you could send quiet and normal my way? :)

Amanda said...

YAY you!!! I love that you are following through on your goals!!!