Monday, January 24, 2011

Frustrations & Fevers

Today is the 24th day I have worked out. 24 days in a row! That is pretty good I think...considering I probably haven't even exercised 24 minutes in the last 30 yrs or so LOL.

I find myself getting a bit frustrated though. I'm working REALLY HARD, and the weight isn't coming off fast enough. I'm down about 8 lbs. Thats it. 8 lbs in 24 days. Bah humbug. I want more, and I want to see results, I want others to see it.

My clothing is feeling a bit more loose I guess.

My boobs seem to be losing weight. They are getting longer... Not exactly where I want to notice a difference...

I'd like to get rid of this double/triple chin.

I'd like to get rid of my big ole 'butt.

I'd love to get rid of this big ole' gut too.

I've made progress on my work outs. I'm able to go longer, and faster/harder. I started out on the treadmill struggling to make 15 minutes, at a pretty slow pace. Now my pace has increased, as well as the time I'm on it, I do about 40 minutes now. I'm also walking/running. Every 5 minutes I will turn up the speed and run for a minute. I am NOT A RUNNER, and this is very hard for me. But I'm doing it.

I'm spending about an hour and a half a day working out. My friends are feeling neglected, because normally we are talking, now I'm working out.. Sorry friends. :(

Just for the record, whoever says you get more energy when you exercise regularly, is FULL OF SHIT. 24 Days in a row is pretty regular if you ask me, and I'm TIRED. I get my work outs done early in the day, before lunch, and after that I'm sore, and exhausted, and I don't want to do anything else the rest of the day. This makes my house look like a warzone. What a mess...

Since I'm on the messy house topic let me go with that a minute...its a major frustration for me. I am a wife and a mother. I am not a maid. Yes, I know part of being a wife and mother involves housework and such... but... most of the family is perfectly capable of picking up after themselves a bit, and by golly they need to start! They don't hang up their coats, or put their shoes in the closet or their rooms, they toss them in front of the closet right inside the front door...which is also right in our living room for everyone to see. They leave dishes all over the house. Toys are everywhere. A certain child of mine, tends to eat non stop during the day, and leaves messes behind from this all over the place, and dirties a million dishes. Someone else I know in this house loves to yell at others for leaving a mess, yet that person does the same. Socks are left here and there, someone thinks the living room is her dressing room and leaves clothing on the floor....I could go on and on and ON, but I'll stop now. You get the picture I'm sure.

I've not been sleeping well lately. I am exhausted when I go to bed, yet I lay there and toss and turn, because I can't turn my damn mind off. I start thinking of working out, of friends problems, of things I need to do, of the kids, of food...and bake sales that I want to do, stuff like that. When I finally do fall asleep, I'm usually woken up several times from the dog, or Bree.

Bree loves her milk, and at night she is always waking up for more milk. I think if she'd eat a good dinner she'd not do this, but I can't get her to eat much. I have told her no more milk at night, once she falls asleep at bedtime, no milk until morning. Last night was our first night with this and she did good, she didn't ask for it once. She did still wake though, at 3:50 this morning. She was whining/crying, so I went to check on her. She told me she was afraid of the dark. It is NOT dark in her room, there is a small light in there (more than a nightlight) and it lights up the room quite a bit. She asked me to sleep with her. Her bunk bed is not comfortable for my fat ass, so I told her she can join me in my bed if she'd like, since Bill was at work. She came in, and tossed and turned. Then she started complaining her sides hurt. After a while of her whining about this I told her I'd kiss them, maybe that would help, she agreed, I kissed them, and all was well...for about 3 minutes. Then, she started crying that her sides still hurt. I told her maybe she needed to go poop or something, she agreed to try. So off we went to the bathroom. She pulls her pants down and sits for like 2 seconds, then says she can't go, and she lays on the floor, and kicks off her PJ pants and pull up and is crying a bit. Next she sounds like she's going to puke, and sure enough she did a bit (in the toilet thankfully). We washed her face, she brushed her teeth, and back to my bed we went, and she was able to go right to sleep after that...I wish I could have...

When she got up this morning I asked her how she was feeling, she said she felt ok. I kissed her forehead, and noticed she felt a little feverish. After we took the girls to school, I gave her some Tylenol for her fever. She did her morning nagging at me to go work out lol, so I did. She comes down and watches TV while I treadmill, and then she laughs at me as I work out on the wii. Today she fell asleep on the couch down there while I was doing the wii. She took a good nap, slept from about noon until 2:30. Unfortunately she woke feeling hotter. I found a thermometer that actually works, and tried taking her temp in her armpit. It climbed to 101.5, and was still going, but she grew impatient and wouldn't let me finish. When we picked the girls up we did a quick run to the store for some more medicine, and she got more to lower her temp..

This evening she has been very moody. Every little thing sets her off into a crying fit. At dinner she asked me to peel an apple for her, I did, she ate half, then broke down crying, because she didn't want it NOW, she wanted it LATER! I told her to just save it for later then. She got mad and said, "FINE! I'm going to my room!" I told her that is a great idea. :) Later she was crying because her score was showing on the DS game she was playing on, and she didn't want it to. Then she was crying because her dad didn't get her the pink dress with a flower on it that she wanted from Target last summer... Oy. Every little thing... Soon she'll be getting another dose of ibuprofen and hopefully going to sleep for the night, something we BOTH need right now. Wish us luck!

Wow, this got pretty long...sorry. Time to go cuddle with my sick cuddle bug.



Dazee Dreamer said...

Poor Bree. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

I love it when 3 year olds pull the old "I'm going to my room" bit. too funny

Joanna said...

I know this is going to sound crazy - but the reason you're not seeing the results from your working out is because you're working out TOO MUCH!!!

Your body needs at least one day a week to heal. You're doing cardio work every single day, and not giving your body a chance to naturally burn the fat during a state of rest.

Also, a healthy weight loss is 1-2lbs a sounds to me that you're achieving that.

When I first started out, I walked 3-4 times a week. I noticed that after a day or two off...I would have dropped more weight.

I think you're doing a fantastic job - and 8lbs in 24 days is a HUGE victory. You should be proud. If you want to work out every day...try mixing it up a little so you're giving your body some variation. Try a Yoga DVD or work with some weights on your day off from using the treadmill. :)

I think you've got some heart and dedication... You're going to see results in NO TIME!!

Mindi said...

I hope Bree is feeling better today! It's hard when they are sick.
I totally get the mind racing thing. Mine won't turn off. I think that's why I wake up exhausted, even if I sleep 8 hours.
I think you are doing well with your work outs! Just think what you will achieve next month. You are doing this the right way. Crash diets, etc will only make you gain your weight back fast. You will see long term results. And you always loose in the boobs first! It totally sucks!!!
PROTIEN! You need a lot while working out, it helps with energy. Take a supplement! Just as if you are pregnant. You need those vitamins if you are working out a lot. Fish oil is also good to take! Good luck, keep up the good work! You are doing fabulous!

Mindi said...

Geez, I can't spell! :)

Amanda said...

I am SO proud of you for sticking with this for 24 days. That is BEYOND amazing and something you need to reward yourself for!! Thank goodness your body will soon match the image in your mind... cause you know your friends already think you are beautiful. :)