Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Another week, another installment of Dear... letters! These are letters, good or bad, to who ever, so I can vent or praise :) If you have a blog, please PLEASE join in! Just go to Dazee's site, grab the code for the Dear... picture thingy button and join in! Be sure to link to her site too. Or, if you don't have a blog, you can always join in over in the comment area.


Dear Optical place...Seriously, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?? It is taking forever. Get them in already, I'm sick of waiting. Geeze.

Dear body...Why are you causing me pain today? I feel like I've been hit by a truck carrying a truck carrying another truck. Not sure if its from working out, or if I'm starting to get sick.

Dear Bree...I'm sorry you've been sick for a few days now. Glad today was fever free! I hope it stays that way. I hope your stuffy nose eases up soon so you can breath out of your nose better. PLEASE sleep better tonight. I know sleeping is tough sometimes when you are sick but wow you've really been struggling, and so is mommy. We both need good sleep.

Dear Jilly & Bree... I spent an entire day cleaning your room yesterday. KEEP IT CLEAN! No room should be that disgusting. does not mean shove stuff in bags and hide them in every available crevice. Your dirty undies do not go in the toy box either.

Dear Kelsey... Nee Ner Nee Ner Nee Ner I beat you I beat you I beat you...on the wii advanced obstacle course :) FINALLY.

Dear Target...Stop having cute stuff in your ad when I don't have any money.

Dear money tree...why haven't you bloomed? I've been watering you, fertilizing you with all the extra bullshit we have around the house lol, yet still you bare no cash. You need to hurry up. Kels informed us she needs an arm and a leg and a few other various body parts for classes she needs to take ($650 worth).

Dear ugly gross thing I discovered yesterday...GO AWAY.

Dear Cake...I'm making you this this weekend for an order...please cooperate, turn out, and taste really good for my customer :)

Dear Excess Weight...GO AWAY faster please.

I guess that is it for now...

QOTD: If you had $1000 to spend ONLY ON YOURSELF, what would you buy?



Dazee Dreamer said...

Great letters once again. you rock my sister.

1000 bucks to spend on myself. well, ummmm, I would take a trip

Elliottsmama said...

I would get a new couch and if I could, change this NEW carpet that I hate.
And what is up with the glasse? I went two weeks ago Saturday and they were ready in 6 days

Amanda said...

Have fun with your cake order!!! You will make it amazing girl!