Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Good morning readers.

I hope today finds you happy & well.

It's time for me to link up with my friend Dazee and her 'Dear..' letters. If you are just stopping by for the first time, the 'Dear...' letters are short letters written to express feelings good or bad. Feel free to join in either here in the comments, or on your own blog (if you do it on your blog, please stop by Dazee's and link up!)


Dear Comcast... You suck. Things were going just fine, then you had to do some digital crap, now all the tv's that are not hooked directly to the box don't get any of the good channels that we watch all the time. Now we have to go to your office to pick up the new things to put on the tv's, and of course it costs more... jerks. Why couldn't ya leave well enough alone?

Dear JERKS FROM WESTBORO BAPT. CHURCH...Are you for real?! Wtf is wrong with you?! I can't believe you. How could you be so awful? You are not filled with God, you are filled with crazyness and hatred... Its not right what you want to do, and what you are saying. You should be ashamed. (read about them here)

Dear Optical place... You are taking FOREVER for our glasses. Hurry up already! I went on Dec. 20, got my glasses back on Dec. 31...but had to return them because there was a big smear like thing that wouldn't come they had to send them back to the lab to be redone. Bill & Jilly went on Dec. 29...still no word on their glasses yet either. Seriously, in this day & age it shouldn't take this long! We'd like to see already.

Dear cats... Enough of the crapping and puking on my carpet already.

Dear Bree... I love when you sing to songs on the radio :)

Dear Self... Good job on the dieting and working out! I've worked out every day this month! This has never happened before LOL. Congrats on making it to your first goal on the wii fit.

Dear bladder... You aren't very nice to me when I'm trying to improve myself by exercising... Stop making me leak when I do sit ups!

Dear husband... Last night you were hogging the bed! You even knee'd me in the rear when you were moving around. Ouch! And the snoring...dang dude, are you trying to wake the dead?! I would like to sleep ya know.

Dear kids & hubby... *I* cleaned the basement AGAIN, after you slobs made it a huge mess. Start picking up after yourselves! I am your mother & wife, NOT YOUR MAID.

Dear wii fit... I wish you had more options. Like the advanced step...after so many times doing it, maybe change the moves, and the music, and pace. The running one...change the running scenery, I get tired of looking at the same things. Make it more exciting for me, I'm getting bored.

Dear Ab Circle Pro... I want you. Why do you have to be so expensive?

Dear Circut Cake...I'm excited to have you...but I'm nervous and scared to try you. LOL.

Dear Commercials, Ads, Food Blogs... Do you purposely plan to show the most yummy looking foods during Jan. when most people are on diets? Do you do this to make them quit? OMG food never looked so good... Thats pretty mean of you :P

Dear work outs... You are taking way to much time... my friends miss me ;) But... I must do you if I want to slim down and be healthier. Darn it. I wish I was one of those people that could eat whatever, and stay skinny.

Dear skinny people... I'm jealous of you. You are so lucky.

Dear kitchen floor... You look pretty disgusting. I was really hoping you'd wash yourself...I don't wanna do it.

Dear readers... Comments are nice :)

Ok ok, I'll shut up now...

QOTD: What is your least favorite household chore?


P.S. Dear aren't working right now, sooooo if there are any mis-spelled words on my post today it's all your fault.


Dazee Dreamer said...

hahahaha. I always love your dear letters. I wish I had as many to write as you. You crack me up.

Toilets are the worst. But my hubby cleans those. He rocks.

ComcastCares1 said...

Are you referring to the digital transition? Is everything working now? If you need more help, let me know. I work for Comcast.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Renee said...

Thanks Mark, Yes, I believe its the digital transition...I don't know, my husband did the calling about it. He's on his way to the comcast office now to get the things to make things work... It's just frustrating. Seems like Comcast is always doing changes to things which require extra $, or cable being out for this and that. If it ain't broke, don't fix it...because when ya do it messes everything up! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Renee,
I am proud of you for your determination to get healthy and am rooting for you all the way!

That Baptist church gives all Christians a bad name. They are disgusting.


Amanda said...

Great list as always. And I KNOW about those crazy church people (I think that the Baptists even wont let them call themselves Baptist anymore) they are just CRAZY CRUEL!!

Be blessed-