Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School Shopping

What was I thinking? It was a recipe for pure craziness...Back to school shopping. This afternoon, we made the rash decision to do a quick trip to the mall for some clothing. First, taking the 3 girls, clothing shopping together is not fun. Total drama. Add to the mix 2 gay guys, and well...This is what I looked like during the shopping adventure.

crazy woman 01

Jilly picked her stuff out right away, then got bummed that she reached her limit on the $ to be spent for her, so she was whiny. Kels took forever picking stuff out, and trying stuff on. Which in turn got Jilly ticked, and Bree was cranky, wanting out of the stroller etc.. We were at the store maybe an hour and a half, and Bree had to make 5 potty trips! Yes, 5! I'm glad she used the potty, but geez, 5 times? Hard to get shopping done from in the bathroom.

Half way through the shopping adventure, I was totally ready for one of these.


I'm not really a drinker, but this sure would have made shopping more enjoyable.

As I said, Kels took a LONG time picking stuff out. By this time, the 2 gay guys had already made their venture around the mall complete, and the lead guy was nagging, "is she done yet?" "What is the hold up?" "Come on, just get something already". Thankfully the other guy got him to wander off with him to the pretzel place. By this time I kept pushing this button...


Unfortunately, the button did NOT work. Drat. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Finally, Kels had her choices made, and we dashed to the check out before anyone could change their minds. :) I called the 2 guys, and told them to meet us at the van, we are done and heading out! Cheers were had by all. Homeward bound we were.

Now tomorrow, I have to register Jilly for school. Then next week I register Kelsey. Those are sad days, due to the money I have to shell out for it. But....When August 17 & 23 comes around, and its time for...


This mommy will be doing a major HAPPY DANCE! Like this...

happy dance

It will mean somewhat quiet days again. No fighting all day long between Jilly & Kelsey. Maybe Bree will even nap a bit more. One can only hope.

I totally love my kids...but back to school time is a happy day. I'm sure they disagree on that.

I hope your Wednesday was wonderful. See ya Thursday...Now I need to reply to some emails, and hopefully hit the sack!

QOTD: Do you look forward to back to school time?



Anonymous said...
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Joanna said...

Unlike my kids, I get to go back to school Monday...ah, the life of a teacher!! LOL I am excited for the kids to go back, just because they are excited.

Just a quick question, but why do you have to pay to register the kids for school? Just curious.

Renee said...

Joanna,It costs money to go to school out here, even though its a public school, crazy huh? Jilly's is $50, Kelsey's is $107.

Dazee Dreamer said...

ah, the joys of mall shopping. I'm having a quiet moment of peace for you. .............. Loved the pictures.