Saturday, August 21, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Pet Peeves

Happy Saturday! Its time for Show Me Saturday. The theme for today is PET PEEVES. I'm sure you have some, we all do! I had a hard time finding pictures of mine, so my show me is going to be short on pictures.

If you would like to participate please follow these simple rules:

1. Blog about the topic with pics, after all its SHOW ME Saturday.
2. In your blog post, please include my Renee's Ramblings button and link back to me (you can grab my button over on the side, just highlight the code, hit control & C to copy, then paste into your blog post. Easy.
3. Come back here and add your URL to the linky below.
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I have MANY pet peeves... Lets start with the few that I found pics on google of...

It drives me totally nuts when people use to many !s and ?s! Like this, "I am so happy!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe what she said?????????" seriously people, one or two !s or ?s is plenty! Stop going !? crazy. Thanks.

nose picking
People that pick their noses in public. GROSS. If you must pick it, go into a bathroom, or some place that is private, please. Thanks.

That is all I could muster up for pictures. Sorry. I will share some more peeves I have though, just minus pictures...
*People that don't put their little ones in car seats! Learn the law people! Don't endanger your children!
*People that smoke like a chimney, around their children. Stupid.
*Spit in the sink. YUCK. Wash that crap down will ya??
*Setting trash RIGHT NEXT to the garbage can instead of putting it IN the can! UGH.
*Putting your cans on the counter, right above the recycling bin. Seriously people! Get with the program.
*Dirty socks on the kitchen table! GROSS! People want to eat at the table, stop being disgusting!
*People picking their teeth with toothpicks, pens, paper, straws, whatever they can use, while in public. That is gross, do it in private.
*People that must turn in front of you and go so slow, when all they had to do is wait for you to pass then they'd have the road to themselves, but noooooo they must slow you down. Jerks.
*The parents in the school pick up line that park in spots that aren't supposed to be parked in, or that park half in the middle of the road blocking traffic, making an already cluster$&#* worse.
*People that chew their food LOUDLY.
*People that inhale their food without chewing! Don'tcha know it's gonna hurt coming back out if you don't chew it? You have teeth, use them, be thankful for them.
*Those that use the word on the internet "le sigh" I think its dumb.

LOL I could go on and on...I'll stop now. If you want to play along, link up!

QOTD: what are your bad habits?


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Dazee Dreamer said...

omg!!!!!!!! what are you talking about ???????????? to many of what........ hahahahaa

Umm, I'm worried about you now. You have a ka-ton of pet peeves. I must link up.