Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School's in session!

Today was Jilly's first day of school. Normally, after dropping the girls off to school the first day I do a happy happy joy joy dance, but not today. I was to worn out from Jilly's little hissy fit about school. She was nervous and scared about going to a new school. It is just middle school, and the kids she went there with she has known for a few years now, but just the school being different set her off... She acted like she was 5, not 10. She even tried LEAVING the school! I had to chase her and drag her back. Tomorrow better be better...I can't take a whole year of this LOL. After leaving the school, I went to get a coke at McD's, I tried to talk the drive thru lady into adding a little rum into it but she refused...it would have been really good after the drop off bust hehe.

This is what Jilly looked like her very first day of school ever, when she went to kindergarten:

Wasn't she cute? So tiny too. The sun was in her eyes that morning, she was trying to shield it.

Here is what she looked like today...
If looks could kill... LOL. She was not happy I wanted to take her picture. I should have known I was in for trouble just by the look on her face then...Please please be a better drop off tomorrow...

QOTD: Were you ever afraid of going to school the first day?



Dazee Dreamer said...

Was she feeling better about it after school?

Amanda said...

Happy Bleated birthday to your Jilly!!!

I never liked the first day... or did I? Cant remember now. ;)