Saturday, August 28, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Fun & Weird Foods

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a super swell day! Mine hasn't started off well, Miss Bree woke me up 3 times last night, I finally brought her into my bed, then had the rest of the night being kicked in various places on my body & face. I've been pretty much awake since 5 a.m., on a SATURDAY! That is a crime.

It's time for Show Me Saturday. Are you ready? The theme is, "Fun and/or Weird Foods".

If you would like to participate please follow these simple rules:

1. Blog about the topic with pics, after all its SHOW ME Saturday.
2. In your blog post, please include my Renee's Ramblings button and link back to me (you can grab my button over on the side, just highlight the code, hit control & C to copy, then paste into your blog post. Easy.
3. Come back here and add your URL to the linky below.
**Linky is open until Friday 9/3

My food choices to show you are more on the fun side, not the weird...First, a few items I made that look fun to me, you may have seen some of these before...


mock burgers





And there are these super cool pancakes that my blog friend Amanda made:

Amanda's Rainbow Pancakes
I think those would put a smile on most people's faces. Don'tcha think?

While on the search for some WEIRD food, I came across this...

spermies candy
Because I have a sick perverted mind, it made me LOL :) The rest of the stuff I saw in the weird food search was to disgusting to share...

I hope you have a super Saturday!

QOTD: If we got to hang out for a day, what would we do?



Dazee Dreamer said...

Loved the pancakes.

If we hung out for the day, we would get into a freaking lot of trouble. Just sayin.

Amanda said...

DId you really just put me in the same post as Spermies... the candy you love to swallow????

Oh dear.

Be blessed!

Renee said...

Yep I did...sorry Amanda! Want me to move your pancakes up so they are not so close to the spermies?