Monday, August 23, 2010

Thoughts & Prayers please

Please keep my son in your thoughts and prayers. He is suffering from depression, he hurt himself last night not life threatening this time but he has been having suicidial thoughts, he is now getting some help at a hospital. I was up all night at the hospital with him and I'm exhausted. My heart hurts. I pray my son gets the help he needs... I've been keeping Kleenex in business the last few days, used a ton of them with all the crying I've done...can you say basket case?

Today is also Jilly's 10th Birthday...I'm hoping to perk up with the help of coffee, and pop...and later I'll do a post all for her.

Hug your children people, tell them you love them.



Dazee Dreamer said...

You and he are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

you know I am and will keep on praying for Zach. And you...Mom

Mindi said...

Renee, I'm SO SORRY to hear he is suffering so much right now. I've been there. Depression is a battle. It's exhausting! You finally get to the point that you just want it all to STOP! You'll do anything just to end it all. It hurts so much-you think there is no hope.
Z is lucky to have a mom like you, being there by his side to help him through. He needs all the love and support he can get right now-and also a lot of understanding. I think that is key. You may not understand why he did this, but put yourself in his shoes. Research depression or anything his doctors say he might have. If you understand the condition you will be able to better help him, and your relationship with him will be strong.
You both are in my thoughts and prayers. I don't pray much, but I always do in times like these! It's all about HOPE!
Happy Birthday Jilly!!

Tammy said...

You are all in my thoughts