Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weirdness, Peeve, and other crap.

I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday. Mine has gotten off to a decent start, and I hope it stays that way. Thank God Jilly got to school today without any crap...

Today I'm going to talk about a few things. Lets start with weirdness. I was just looking out my window and saw some. Kind of scary weirdness. There was an older dude walking down the street, wearing camouflage pants, a beige t shirt, boots, and it looked like a gun belt of some kind! Freaky. Weird. I'm glad we are in the house. I think I'll lock my door. This reminds me of back when I was married to Zach & Kelsey's dad. We lived in a not so great neighborhood. We had a big picture window on the front of our house. One day, we happened to look out the window, and there were a swarm of police cars! There was a guy roaming the neighborhood wearing camouflage stuff, with a big rifle! Thankfully he was caught, and no one was hurt.

Now, I'm going to talk about a peeve I have... People wearing pajama's out and about in public. Kids wear them to school on a regular basis. That is freakin crazy. Parents, make your kids get some damn clothing on. PJ's are for lounging at home and for bed, not for school, or shopping trips. How hard is it to get dressed? Seriously. Yeah, I love pj's too, but I don't wear them in public. Do you know what kind of image it gives people? To me, I see someone in pj's and think LAZY. Sorry people, but that is what I think. Sure, I guess there could be some extenuating circumstances that you have them on, and maybe I'll look past it from time to time, but most of the people that wear them don't really have a good reason. Please, put some clothes on...might wanna brush your hair too, and wear SHOES not slippers! That would be marvelous :)

Now for the other crap.
*I really really REALLY want some Long John Silver's chicken planks! I LOVE them. We don't have any LJS's around here, the closest one is about 35 min. away. I passed it when I was out on Sunday, and really wanted to stop, but I had 3 girls in my van, and 2 of them were fighting with each other, so I just needed to get home ASAP before I went crazy. Some day I need to go out there when the older girls are in school, and chow down. Yum.
*Jilly got her hair dyed the other day. First she wanted blue streaks, then she wanted blue/black stripes (yuck), we opted for the bottom layer blue, and the rest her natural color. It looks kinda cool actually. It satisfies her need to be cool and different, without going to far over the edge and freaking me out. Now her hair has attitude...just like she does. See:


*It's been stressful around here the last few days. Bree has been cranky. Jilly pulled some school crap. Zach has been PMSy and mean to everyone. Kels has been upset, mostly because of Zach being mean to her. I think everyone in this house needs their own padded cell.
*I'm in the mood for fall stuff. Apples, cider, pumpkins...all that good stuff.
*I think when I made Dan's cake a few weeks ago, I talked to much about man boobs...because now Miss Bree keeps saying "man boobs", not for any reason, just because she likes to say it apparently...eeks.
*Speaking of Miss Bree and her sayings...whichever child of mine taught Bree the word "SUCKA", you need to be smacked upside the head. All day long, "Wassup Sucka!?"
*I don't recall if I mentioned it or not, but Kelsey's homecoming is coming up soon. Saturday we went dress shopping. (OMG that was a shopping trip, I'll explain more in a sec) She found a dress she liked online, but of course they didn't have the dress at the actual store. With something like that I think its best to try it on in the store, not order it. We went to a few stores, finally found some cute dresses in her size. She grabbed several to try on. Zach picked one out for her to try on too. She loved one, but I thought it made her rear look rather big, and the skirt part of it was kind of funky and short. Then she tried on the one Zach picked out, she like it too, and I LOVED it on her. It was very flattering on her and made her look slimmer, and it didn't make her booty look like she had to much junk in her trunk. She looked beautiful and mature, grown up. She had a hard time choosing between the 2 dresses. The one I liked won (maybe because I kept telling her I was the one with the $$ to pay for it hehe). I really truly think she made the right decision, she looks so pretty in it. When we got home she tried it on again and I took her picture. See:

*That shopping trip was hell. Jilly had gotten a good chunk of money from her father for her birthday. So when we went shopping for Kelsey's dress we also did shopping for Jilly to spend her birthday money. She is such a stinker! She loved so many things and wanted them. Then when I told her its her birthday money that is going to be spent for them she'd not want them anymore. When its MY money she wants EVERYTHING, when its hers she is a scrooge! She kept whining about every little thing. We went to the mall and Target, she got nothing. Then we went to Walmart, she got a few small priced items. Then as we left she started crying she wanted to go back to the mall to get something she saw there. Ummm NO. We were tired of shopping, it was dinner time, everyone was cranky and complaining no way was I going to back track and return to the mall. I could not wait to get home!
*Bree is playing BopIt by herself, having a blast even though she can't get one single thing LOL. She talks back to it when it says stuff to her hehe. "To fast for you? You're out!" Bree says that is hilarious :) She repeats it and giggles. I'm glad she enjoys it.

Ok, I suppose you've had enough of my misc. crap. I'll close this for now...

QOTD: What is your self esteem like, high? low?


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Mindi said...

OMG Kels looks A-MAZE-ING!!!!!! You go gorgeous girl!!

I had my car on blocks one morning while living in our new apartment. The guy behind us would beat his wife. I would go to work the next morning with a huge lump in my throat! A year after moving to our first home there was a guy that killed his wife in the same apt. complex. I've always wondered if it was him. I hated living there. It was so nice to move to a more stable area.

Jilly-I love the blue hair and wished I could pull that off!

I wear my PJ's to the pharmacy when I'm sick and need a prescription...only time I'll wear them in public. :)

Self esteem has always been a hard thing for me...even in my adult years!