Friday, August 27, 2010


We all have dreams. Some of us can remember them, some of us can't. Some have crazy dreams, wild dreams, scary dreams, 'hot' :) dreams...all kinds! I mostly have weird, crazy, and well, somewhat bizarre dreams. For instance...

*My grandma was in love with a whale at Sea World. So in love that she married it. She stood in front of the glass viewing area in a wedding gown, and married a whale.

*We had a new car...which was a couch, with wheels on it, and we made it move with our feet like Fred Flintstone did with his car.

*That my mom was in a porn movie for big women. Ummm yeah, that was a FREAKY dream...(Sorry mom!)

*I was married to Richard Gere, and we owned a small grocery store, we got it on in the canned goods aisle. Then he told me to go home and meet him in a hot shower, he'd close up and be there shortly...Damn I woke up before he got home. LOL. Why Richard Gere? I mean, he is ok and all, but not my favorite actor, and not the HOTTEST one in my book...he's not bad by all means, just not who I'd picture having steamy fun with in a dream hehe.

That is just a little taste of my wild dreams. I swear, I do not do drugs, before sleeping, I don't do drugs at all. Honest. When I was pregnant my dreams were even more bizarre...if that is even possible. Sometime I'd like to have some of my crazy dreams analyzed.

It seems my girls have gotten the dream gene too. Kelsey tells me often of her crazy dreams, so does Jilly. Lately it seems Bree is dreaming quite a bit too. For instance...

*Early this morning she woke up screaming saying "GET ME OUT! I don't want to stay in the van, I want to walk with you!" not sure what brought that on...didn't sound like a pleasant dream though..
*She once told me of a dream where she was singing and dancing on a table with Jilly, (hopefully they had clothes on :) ) and someone got up and danced with them.
*The other day she woke up crying for me, I went into her room and she asked "Mommy were you killed?" I told her no I wasn't, and she needed to lay back down and go to sleep. She laid down, I laid in her bed with her for a bit. She got up a few minutes later and again asked, "Mommy did you get killed?" I again told her no, I was just fine, and to go back to sleep. She did it another time too. She didn't seem overly distraught or anything, just asking.. I hope she doesn't have ESP and is foreseeing my future LOL.

My dreams can be so vivid sometimes. Its quite cool, providing they are good dreams. Not so cool when its something scary, and you are afraid to close your eyes after it..

QOTD: Do you remember your dreams often?


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Dazee Dreamer said...

omg Renee. I freaking love your dreams. I love the fact that you dreamed your mom was a porn star. hahahahaha, hehehehehehe, hohohohoho, snort snort