Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Circus

A few weeks ago, Bill was given free tickets for the kids to go to the circus. The original plan was HE was going to take Jilly & Bree. Today the circus came to town. We kinda forgot about it, but when we went out and drove past the fairgrounds we saw an elephant and horses and it refreshed my memory! Jilly & Bree really really wanted to go, Kelsey did too. Bill did not. I did not either, I'm kinda freaked out by the circus, they scare me. Seriously. You couldn't pay me to go. So, we got to thinking...hmmm....How can the girls go, if Bill or I don't want to? Kelsey can take them! The circus is only 2 blocks away, and Kelsey has her cell phone to call if there are any problems. I think they'll be fine though, as long as Jilly listens to Kelsey...Bree I think will be great for Kels, she loves her. So, that is where they are now, I'm waiting for the call from Kelsey for me to go pick them up, I don't want them walking home in the dark.

Am I weird being afraid of the circus? I have a big fear of them. Fear of elephants going crazy and stomping through the crowds. Fear of lions & tigers eating a child in the crowd... Fear of acrobats falling to their death. Fear of clowns coming to me and wanting me to participate in something...that kind of stuff!


Sure, they look all innocent...but you just never know when they might go wacko and trample someone! I won't be going to a circus any time soon. Besides, I LIVE here in a circus, in my home. Why pay money to go to one? :)

QOTD: Do you like to go to the circus?



Dazee Dreamer said...

we all definitely have our things that we are afraid of. so there is nothing weird about it. We took the grandkids to the circus last year. it was great. I'm sure the girls are having a great time.

Elliottsmama said...

My grandfather was a famous clown in Ringling brothers and I spent many days at the circus...

Mindi said...

I'm totally with you. We took Lauren when she was little. I hated every minute of it! I feel bad for those animals! I'm usually a big fan of going to places like that too-so I must really be uncomfortable with it!!

With that said though, the kids still enjoy it! I'm glad Kels took the girls, I'm sure they are having a blast, and it will be fun sister memories for years to come! :)

Amanda said...

I havent gone to the circus in many years... but I think I might enjoy it now! Especially with my little ones. But please no more talk of crazy elephants or you will surely convince me to boycott the circus forever. :)