Thursday, August 12, 2010

Calgon, take me away...Pretty please?

You may, or may not have noticed, that I haven't been blogging much this last week or so. I hope I've been missed...but if not, well, I guess that's life, right?

I've been somewhat stressed lately, and just tired and cranky, not much in a blogging mood. Its so crazy around here that when my mom skype's me lately, she asks "How's things at the asylum?" LOL.


Let me try to fill you in a little on things...

*My son, has a job at a pet store, they have dramatically reduced his hours, therefor he could not pay his roommates his share of rent. This means he came back here to live. In our already small, crowded house. Now we have another mouth to feed, on an already tight budget.

*My son also couldn't afford to pay for his car insurance due to lack of work hours, which caused his father to cancel him on the car insurance.

*The same day, his car died. (He was told about the insurance cancel on his way to work, on the way back, the car had major issues) He made it home, but the car remains parked, not working/no insurance.

*Because his dad cancelled the insurance, my son got all pissed off at his dad, and refuses to speak to him anymore and wants him out of his life. (over dramatic I think, and I also think he'll regret that decision some day) So now, it all falls on MY shoulders. As if I didn't have enough there already...No, I don't mean paying his insurance, that isn't going to happen, I can barely afford my own...I mean all the stress, and dealing with all the son stuff, falls on my shoulders.

*Spent half a day driving son back and forth on Tues. to his doctor appt. over an hour away, then to his job to tell them the docs findings. Now, his job says, he either comes to work his shift Friday, or he either resigns or gets fired. They don't care about the car situation.

*I've been driving son to and from places the last 2 days filling out applications and dropping them back off at different places in town. We are hoping, praying, crossing our fingers he can find something here in town that he can walk to or I can easily take him to because it is close.

*Come tomorrow, I have to leave the house by 12:30, drive him an hour away to his job to drop him off, with a car of cranky girls with me. Then we need to find something to do to pass the time...long time...until I pick him up again at 9 p.m., then we have an hour drive home...its NOT going to be pleasant. The girls & I will pack a dinner of PB & J's and snacks to eat somewhere while we are out too... Trying to omit as little driving as possible, since gas is low, its over due for an oil change, and has the engine light on in the van...last thing I need is for my van to die, than we are all screwed. No money to repair things at the moment.

*also last week, I chipped a tooth. No dental insurance so I just won't be smiling for now, if I do, I look like a total hillbilly. Thankfully, there is no pain from it...knock on wood.

*Son had his bf over for several days last week too. While the bf is a nice guy, its just another stress having a house guest, with all the crap going on lately.

*Miss Jilly has been full of attitude lately, I swear she is a teenager already...

*Miss Bree has had a cold/allergy thing going on, and has been so very very cranky. This morning she woke kinda pleasant, it lasted a little while...then all the sudden she was like the chick in the Exorcist movie...the one with the spinning head. Pass me the holy water...

*Miss Kels has been cranky, mostly. But she has helped out a bit here and there, for those times I am grateful.

*Bill has a cold too, and he is tired & cranky...which is totally understandable.

* I need to put locks on my daughters dressers. Jilly & Bree change their clothing 20 times a day. It's getting old.

*Kels & Jilly have been at each other's throats. I can't wait for school to start.

That is just some of the stuff going on. So yeah, things ain't been a blast around here. Things could be worse though...I'm thankful we have a home, food, and health.

Now, pass me the chocolate...



And of course my...

This mommy needs some quiet, comfort time.

QOTD: What makes you happy during a stressful time?


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