Saturday, August 14, 2010

Show Me Saturday! Weirdo

Woohoo, its Saturday! That means its time for SHOW ME SATURDAY! (Its also time for my son's 20th Birthday! Happy Birthday Zach) This weeks theme is WEIRDO. What is your definition of a weirdo? Show me!

If you would like to participate please follow these simple rules:

1. Blog about the topic with pics, after all its SHOW ME Saturday.
2. In your blog post, please include my Renee's Ramblings button and link back to me (you can grab my button over on the side, just highlight the code, hit control & C to copy, then paste into your blog post. Easy.
3. Come back here and add your URL to the linky below.
**Linky is open until Friday 8/20

Ready? Set. GO!

–noun, plural weird·os. Informal .
1. an odd, eccentric, or unconventional person.

Without further delay, let me SHOW YOU, my lovely weirdo...


Miss Jilly wanted water balloon boobs, then she wanted to see how many water balloons she could fit into her suit..she figured it would make her float... GOOFBALL!! This was Friday by the way. We spent some time at our friends house in their pool while killing time before picking up Zach at work. After swimming we went out to dinner with Grandma (Thanks Grandma!) and went and spent some time at her house. It was a LONG day.

Show me your weirdo and LINK UP! Enjoy your Saturday.

QOTD: Have you been swimming lately?



Dazee Dreamer said...

ok, that is hilarious. did it help her float btw?

Anonymous said...

I love that silly Jilly!