Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Look!

Happy Sunday! I've been busy this evening making some changes on my blog. I hope you enjoy them! What is different you might ask? Lets see...

*The blog header is new.

*New PAGES, I have a 'About Me' page now, and a 'Contact Me' page. Please check them out! To get to them, look under the new header, between it and the blog post, there are clickable links there.

*I took all the pics of everyone on the side that were seperate with little text snippets under them out, and put one picture of the family members in its place. All that info is now found on the 'About Me!' page with new pictures.

*There are also some little font color changes & stuff.

Let me know your thoughts :)

QOTD: Did you have a good weekend?


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