Saturday, March 27, 2010

I just wanna be ME!

Happy Saturday!

Bree is driving me bonkers :) She doesn't have far to drive haha. She is into the baby & mama connection thing. All day long she tells me I'm the mama something and she is the baby something. Today, I have been the mama dog, mama cat, mama dino, mama yellow car, mama kitty kangaroo...and others I can't remember at the moment. Of course whatever I am the mama of, she is the baby, and Kelsey is the sister of it. Its cute. To a point. But, sometimes I just want to be mama to Zach, Kelsey, Jilly & Bree, just be ME, not mama dog, cat, or whatever. My little Aubrey is so silly, she has quite the imagination.

This morning we went to a Easter egg hunt. Bree was excited to go. She seemed to switch the h for a c when saying where we were going though, Easter egg *unt. Eek. Oh that reminds me, don't ask her to say SCUM sucker when out in public...You'll be sorry, and get lots of evil looks. Yes, she knows what a scum sucker is, we go to Walmart and have to view the fish every stinkin time, and they have scum suckers there. I know now not to point them out, and invite conversation about them from Miss Bree. Sorry, got off the topic there. Anyways, we went to the egg hunt. Bill's employer put it on for the kids. We got there and they handed out buckets with shovels, and bubbles and a pencil. The bucket of course was to use to gather the eggs. Each child got to find 10 eggs. This was quick. :) Thank God it was quick too, because it was a bit chilly out this morning! The wind made it extra cold. I put a sweatshirt on Bree and then a fleece coat thing on her, and she was still cold. I didn't wear a coat (rarely do, even in winter), I was a bit chilled myself. Here is a picture collage (my new favorite things to make if you can't tell that already...) of her first egg hunt:


Once we got home, it was just a day of lounging. I even took a tiny nap, when Bree took hers, since I was tired from being up with her during the night. I have tons of housework I COULD have done, but I said screw it, I'm relaxing today, the housework will still be here for me to do later.

Oh, one more thing before I get to the QOTD and closing...Ever see Jeff Dunham's comedy show? He has a puppet dude named Walter. Its a grumpy old dude. Well, for a few weeks my husband had a picture of Walter for his facebook profile, and I thought wow that is a fitting picture! Ha. See, Bill works 2 jobs and is very tired, which makes him grumpy often, I don't blame him, I'd be grumpy too. Anyways, I saw some similarities in their pics. So, here is a pic of Bill today, and a pic of Walter, side by side...what do you think? :) I love you Bill :)


So there ya have it. Thats all I got in me today. I'll say Toodles now, and put the QOTD (Question of the Day), please comment and answer!

QOTD: If you could bring someone back from the dead to see & talk to them for one day again, who would you bring back? Or would you decline the offer, for saying good bye a second time would be to difficult?


Erica said...

Yes. But I'm not quite sure who I'd pick. And yes, the grieving process would pretty much have to be re-done after, but it would be worth it, as I would get full closer.

Tammy said...

It looks like you all had a great time at the Easter Egg hunt, despite the cold.

Bill DOES look like Walter. That's a little terrifying. HAHA.

QOTD: I'd bring back my dad. He was a cool guy and I'd like to introduce him to his granddaughter. I know he'd absolutely adore her.

Anonymous said...

I'd bring back my wonderful mother-in-law whom I miss very much.

Bria Lorck said...

I would bring back my mother! I think it would be awesome for her to meet those in my family she never got to meet!