Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feels Springy!

Last night was another crappy sleep night :(. Bree went to bed at 11:15, I let the dog out locked up the house and went to bed too, but I couldn't fall asleep! It was so frustrating, because I WAS TIRED! Before I could sleep, Bree woke up at 1:00, and we had to cuddle a bit till she went back to sleep. Once she did, I was finally able to fall asleep myself...until she woke me up again at 3:00. This time every time I tried to get her back to bed she would wake up and fuss, it took forever, I think it was after 4:00 when I finally got her back in her bed. I sure as heck didn't want that alarm going off at 6:30. So I get up, go to the coffee pot, which brews for me about 15 minutes before I get up...and I see that the pot isn't full. I was trying to figure out the deal, did I not fill it all the way in my tiredness the night before? Did Kels get up and have some already? Nope. The filter had caved in on the side, causing coffee grounds to go through the hole that the coffee goes into the pot through...and it was clogging it. BAH! Not a good way to start a day when coffee was needed badly. I had to re-filter the coffee into a cup so I'd not be stuck with a cup full of grounds. Of course Bree woke up during this, so she had to supervise what I was doing, and then follow me to the shower. She sat in there and brushed her teeth and stuff while I did my thing. Its much easier and faster to shower without her in there, I always hope and pray she sleeps in the morning until after shower time, but no such luck today. Oh well, at least she was in a decent mood, that's a plus!

So the morning started out icky. The weather was gloomy too. I thought I heard it was supposed to rain all day. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn't, and the sun even made an appearance! I told Bree that if she took a nap, we'd go out and play if it was dried up a bit when she woke up. Once we sat down to cuddle for nap, she was out within 2 minutes, I guess she really wanted to go out :).

After picking up Jilly & her friend Jackie from school, we did go outside to play. Bree colored with her sidewalk chalk for a bit, and jumped rope (tried to anyways), and when Daddy got home from work, they went for a walk to visit Grandma Mary for a few minutes, she just lives a few blocks away. But, before that, the girls & I went to Jackie's house, so Bree could see Jackie's little cousin, Gordo. He is going to be 2 this month. Apparently, he & Bree are a couple...they did a lot of kissing and hugging. It was very cute! Every time Gordo kissed Bree he got a huge smile and was so proud of himself. Bree is now calling him her boyfriend.

Pretty cute huh?

That's about all the excitement that went on around here today. Pretty boring isn't it? Sometimes boring is good though... Here are a few more pics from today that I want to share:


Until next time...Toodles


Tammy said...

I'm sorry you had such a crappy morning but oh my gosh those pictures of Bree with her new boyfriend are soooo cute! I really love the two sister photos you posted too. Absolutely precious!

Melissa said...

Cute pictures! I really like the last one. :)

Christine Ann said...

Gorgeous photos Renee! :)

Sorry your morning started out so crappy. I dont know how you survive on such little sleep. Im a grump getting up twice a night to pee! lol


Amanda said...

Pretty gorgeous kiddos you got there!!

Hope you get more rest tonight..


Mindi said...

Those pictures are sooooo sweet!