Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Windy but pleasant

Not much went on today, so I'll just load you up with pics. Bree played with Zach at the park for a bit. After school the kids played outside. Tonight I watched Dancing With the Stars and I must say, I'm ticked that Mark Ballas & his partner are off already! I don't care for Shannon much, but I'm a Mark fan, I love his dancing and will miss it. Anyways, I'm tired, its past my bedtime, I'm going to finish this post quick and hit the sack :)

It was windy at the park...




I love this picture btw.

These are from playing at home...



WIPE OUT. Poor Bree. She took about 4 of these wipe outs while playing outside today.

What do you think of Bree's drawing? What do you see? I see a stick figure dude, with a big head, glasses, arms & legs...and he is bowling. :)

Time for me to say Toodles, and go hit the sack...now for todays QOTD

QOTD: If you were to take a 10 day trip in a car with your family or friends, what would they most likely hear you complain about?


Tammy said...

HAHA, I'd probably complain about how long we are stuck in a car together. Paige would never cooperate for that long.

It looks like Bree and Zach had fun at the park. You should get a kite and the next time it is windy, you could go fly it.

Mindi said...

K-I LOVE the new look! And I think you should be a photographer! Seriously, all your pictures are AMAZING!!

MY ANSWER: That my butt hurts!! haha! :)