Saturday, March 20, 2010

5 Question Friday on Saturday :)

Sorry, I didn't post yesterday. Not sure why I didn't, I guess I was tired. The girls & I went shopping for some things after school, then had a late dinner, then Kels went to babysit, and Bree was up till 10:30...yeah, that's why I didn't post. Better late then never right?

Before I do 5QF, I want to ask that you continue to pray and keep Elliott in your thoughts. He is hanging in there, and trying to fight. Cindy posted a new picture on his caring-bridge page, and I was shocked/amazed at how many things he had stuck into his arm. WOW, it looks like about 50 tubes/hoses etc., I've never seen that many at once. Scary stuff. Hugs to the Aldrich family.

Here are a few pics for you before I get to 5QF too. First, our cool pancakes we had for breakfast today. Apparently we can never have naked pancakes again, they have to be colored. Jilly wanted turquoise pancakes, and I jazzed them up with a little design. Then, while I was cleaning up the kitchen, little Miss Bree snuck the pancake mix out of the kitchen and decided she wanted to mix up her own pancakes, she poured some into a play cup, and all over the carpet.

Yeah, this last pic, is what we woke up to this morning. The last few days have been so nice we've gone without coats, now today snow. I love snow, but right now I'd love for it to leave and not come back until Nov. 1. :)

OK, now on with the show. Time for Mama M.'s 5QF.

My Little Life

1. Have you ever had a celeb sighting?

2. What temperature do you keep your house?

3. Do you notice dust at other peoples homes?

4. What's the worst job you ever had?

5. What is your most sentimental possession?
1. Umm I remember having a few, but I don't remember who they were lol. I do remember at Disney World with my 1st husband, we saw a football dude, can't think of his name right now.

2. My husband & I disagree on temps. I think this is normal. We've agreed to keep it at 72 in the winter (for now, once Bree is older it will probably be colder in here), right now since its not as cold outside, its set for 70.

3. Not really. I suppose if it was several inches thick I might, but normally no.

4. Gosh, my memory fails me again. I guess I'd have to say Burger King? I think there was something else, but being old and pre-alzheimers I don't remember lol.

5. I'd probably say my kids pictures. Mine got lost in a move, and it makes me very sad. I don't want anything to happen to my kids pictures. I want visual memories for when my pre-alzheimers turns into the real thing!

There ya have it. My 5QF submission :) Not to exciting this time.

Happy Saturday. Toodles

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Bria Lorck said...

I definitely agree with you about the snow! It's time for it to go!!!
5Qf: (btw-I love this part of your blog!)
1. Does before they were celebs count for this question? Because I used to hang out at a mall where Mark McGrath used to chill before his band became famous! And let me tell you.....pig-headed! Even before the millions!
2. temp is usually between 70 and 75!
3. I don't notice dust on furniture but I did go to a friends house who has carpet in her bathroom (bad idea) and all the hair and dust from the carpet ends up in the very corners where the vacuum can't get. And when you're sitting on the potty with no where to look but down...well let's just say you can't help but notice!
4. I worked for BK too, but I liked it! At 16 it was awesome. But my worst job was probably Blockbuster! It's like a library in there and after the rush is gone, it's sooooo boring!
5. This might sound sick, but after my mom died, my sibs and I had bought little pill containers that go in your keychain, and we filled them up with my mother's ashes and then sent the rest of her ashes to sea in the Atlantic ocean! We all carry her ashes with us on our key chains now! It's my most precious possession!