Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Whole lot (or little) of nothing

Not much to post about today. Pretty much another boring day. Last night sucked. Miss Bree went to bed at a decent time yay, but she ended up waking up many many times last night. So today I was a touch cranky, and exhausted. On top of that, I woke up feeling dizzy, the room was spinning for a while. That made me run late getting ready. Thankfully that part didn't last to long, but I had a headache most of the day. Just felt blah. I hoped and prayed Bree would nap early, so I could as well, but that didn't happen. When she finally went down, I tried, but knowing I had to be ready to go pick the girls up from school in less then an hour, put a damper on me sleeping. I figured once I fell asleep I'd have to get up, and worried I might over sleep and miss picking up the girls...I maybe dozed for about 5 minutes, not enough to make me refreshed at all. Bree's late nap will probably keep her up late tonight too, I'm not looking forward to that. Anyways, enough of my complaining about sleep...

Earlier today Bill was laying down in the bedroom, watching a movie, and probably sleeping. I was cleaning the kitchen, and Bree was playing in her room. She was being pretty quiet, so I went to check on her. When I got in there, she tells me, "Daddy won't play with me." Then she said, "I don't like Daddy anymore." I said to her, "What? You don't like Daddy anymore?!" She said..."Daddy is a pain in my ass!" EEK! I LOL'd. I know, I shouldn't have, but it was funny how she said it and how she used the naughty word. Yes, I know its bad, and laughing probably encourages her...I couldn't help it. We have discussed that the word ass is naughty and little girls shouldn't say it. Oh, and Bill had gotten up and was at her bedroom door just as she said this...He blames me, says I must have said that about him. I may say he is a pain in my ass from time to time, but he says those words too, its not just me. Yes, I know...we both need to watch the bad words...easier said then done.

Yesterday, Bree & Bill were playing. Bree is really into weddings, getting married, that kind of stuff. So she puts on her crown/veil, and puts a hat on Bill, then gives him a spoon, which is supposed to be his flowers, and she gets one for herself. Then she takes his hand and leads him down the hallway, while she hums a tune (must be her wedding march). When they get to the living room, Bill sat on the couch. Bree whips off her veil and says, "WHEW! That was a close one!" I guess the thought of marrying her daddy was kind of scary. We both chuckled at that one.

Bree loves watching Nick Jr. between shows on there sometimes they show different craft things you can do with your child. One of them was to make a little toy Zee (a bird character on that channel) pillow, I've been wanting to make one with her, today I finally did. Supposedly you can glue it together, but the glue we have apparently sucks, because it didn't hold crap. I ended up sewing it. Let me tell you, I'm NOT a sew'r....lol sewer? No, seamstress is the word I think...anyways, I'm NOT ONE. It looks like crap, but it should hold together, and that's all that matters. Bree is happy with it. See:

So there ya have it. A whole lot (or little) of nothing. Thanks for stopping by! See ya tomorrow? I hope so. Toodles!


Amanda said...

Whoops!! My kids say, "What the.." and then nothing. I am terrified of what is going to follow! Chad and I dont swear but you know how they just hear stuff!:)


Tammy said...

I think the Zee bird looks great! You did a wonderful job on it.

Yikes for the swear word. I can't say anything though. Paige said "fudgit" today and that one is totally my fault. I say "fudgit" instead of the other word. Still, even though it isn't officially a bad word, it is meant to be and she used it in the right context so that is my fault.

These things are going to happen. You can try to be careful but now and then words will slip out. We just have to remember to correct them and explain. That's all we can really do.