Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do you ever wonder?

While watching TV with Bree, I wonder about a lot of the shows she watches. I think they are decent shows, don't get me wrong, I just wonder about parts of some of them. Like...

Max & Ruby:
Ruby is the big sister, she takes care of Max, gives him baths, feeds him, dresses him, takes him to the store, rides a city bus, etc with Max. Guess how old Ruby is...She isn't a teenager, or adult, she is 7! Yes 7! Would normal 7 yr olds do all that stuff? Probably not. Another thing, where are Max & Ruby's parents? They are NEVER on there, nor mentioned. Their Grandma visits, but it appears no adult lives with them. Interesting.

Wow Wow Wubbzy:
What exactly is a Wubbzy anyways? Howcome all the charactors wear clothing...except Wubbzy who is naked most of the time? Its not like he has genitalia showing or anything, but still, everyone else has clothing, why not him? Or is it a her? I don't know...

Yo Gabba Gabba:
Ummm, where do I start? LOL. What was the person smoking that came up with this show? There is a DJ dude that wears a unitard and a fuzzy shower/swim cap type hat. There is a giant ribbed one eyed sex toy looking dude called Muno...Wow. Maybe the person that came up with that one is compensating for something he is missing, or if it was a woman, maybe she is in need of a new toy or something. Its just sooooo bizarre.

Ni Hao Kai Lan: This is another show where there are no parents around. Her grandfather is though...not sure what happened to the grandmother, maybe she vanished with the parents. Kai Lan teaches kids about Chinese. I thought she lived in China...nope, she doesn't, but she visited there once.

Caillou: First, the name...drives me nuts, it sounds nothing like it looks. Second, where is his hair? He's like 4, you'd think he'd have some by now. Just wondering.

There are more that leave me scratching my head, but right now I'm to tired to remember them LOL. Its been a long day. Woke up way to early due to a stomach ache & headache. Stomach ache cleared up after a few hours but the headache has remained all day. I was hoping to nap when Bree napped today, but she only took a 20 minute one while we were at the store, so I didn't get a chance. So, now that she is in bed, I'm taking my cue and heading there too!



Danielle said...

Hahahaha Renee you're a nut!! lol

Hope your head feels better tomorrow!

Tammy said...

I swear the creators of "In the Night Garden" are smoking something. It makes no sense at all and the names of the cast of characters are ridiculous!

"Jungle Junction" is all about signs. Are there really signs with pictures of balloons or jungles on them in real life? Stupid and pointless!

Christine Ann said...

hahaha you crack me up Renee!

I agree with Tammy regarding In the Night Garden.. seriously so warped.

You have brought up great points with each show though lol It honestly wouldn't take much to come up with a popular kids tv show, you just have to smoke something weird and have it make no sense but have heaps of colours and voila! A masterpiece hahaha