Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Its Wednesday! Excited? Me? Not so much. Just means I'm a few days closer to some busy days coming up. I've gotta get Kelsey's cake done on Friday. I was going to go shopping tomorrow for my supplies, once I cash my check...then I realized its dated for FRIDAY! Eek. So, now I have to go shopping for the cake stuff on Friday, then bake the cake, wait for it to cool, then make all the fondant and work on decorating it, which is going to take a long time, because I suck at using fondant. I was hoping to buy the stuff one day, and bake, then spend the next on decorating, now I have to cram it all into one day. I sure hope Bree cooperates with me.

Speaking of Bree. She has amazed me today, and made me laugh. The things she comes up with... We were making a craft and she was jabbering away. Then she says to me, "I need to calculate how much money I have left." Umm wow! Even *I* don't use the word calculate, where did she learn that? And, on that note, what kind of 2 yr old talks about calculating money?!

Later today, Bree fell and hit her head on the floor. She cried pretty hard for a bit. I kissed her owie, held and cuddled with her, trying to calm her down. I was talking to her and telling her that it used to be, when she got an owie, all I had to do was kiss it and things were all better, but that didn't seem to be working today. I asked her what it would take to make her owie better this time...Her reply: ICE CREAM! LOL silly girl.

Before lunch Bree told me her throat hurt, then she asked to cuddle. I asked her if she was tired and she said yes. We cuddled in our chair and watched TV, in less than 5 minutes, she was out, and she slept for over 2.5 hours. She must have really needed it. She woke in a pleasant mood too yay. I checked on her and she was awake in her bed, she didn't see me so I just left the room quietly, thinking maybe she'll go back to sleep. A few minutes later, I hear, "MOM! Come in my room and see my shadow!" haha, she is fascinated by shadows. She ate a quick late lunch once she got up, then it was time to go pick the older girls up at school.

After school, Jilly used Skype for the first time to talk to her dad in Norway. They did a video call. She was pretty quiet though, I think she felt weird talking over a computer. She does miss her dad bunches, and I'm sure he misses her bunches too.

Our evening has consisted of cooking dinner, cleaning up dinner, baths, and playtime. We are so boring. Aren't ya glad you stopped by to read all about my boring life? LOL. *I'M* glad you stopped by. :)

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention, I'm the 'Date of the Week' over at Mama M.'s! She has a page of 'personal' ads, not the kinds that get you dates, but a kind of like classified...people tell about their blog in a short paragraph, and if you like what they say, you visit them, and hopefully become a new follower to that blog. Its a cool idea. I've had several visitors here due to the 'personals', thanks Mama M.

Anyone wanna count the rings on this tree and tell me how old it is?
Probably not... I'm really curious bad I'm to lazy to go out and count myself...

Here is a picture of Bree & Bill from last night. She made him wear one of her hats. I had to be sure to get a picture, pink is Bill's color ;)


I've probably bored you enough for one night, so I'll close now...Toodles!


Tammy said...

I love the collage of Bree and Bill together. That is such a precious photo!

Bree is so smart. She is continually amazing us! She is definitely going to keep you on your toes as she grows up.

Good luck with the cake! I guess you won't be on chat much tomorrow. :( I'll miss talking to you.

Amanda said...

Calculate huh? That is pretty sophisticated for a 2 year old. Im impressed!! :)


Erica said...

I'm here from Mama M's date of the week, gosh dang darn, I'm hooked! Your "wacky" sense of humor is right up my alley!! ...also, good luck with the cake!!! please post pictures so we can see how it turned out :)
...also, haha I also need ice cream to fix my boo boos sometimes lol hehehe you've got a funny little girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I found ya on MaMa M's blog! I love your sense of humor! I'm a follower now too! Have a great weekend!

Christine Ann said...

Bree is just so dang smart!

I hope the cake goes well.

Those photos of Bree & Bill are sooo cute. Hes a good daddy putting on pink things for Bree & Letting you take photos hehe :)

I guess the tree is about 126yrs old.. LOL??