Monday, March 29, 2010

Yak yak yak, blah blah blah

I don't know if Bree's mouth got tired today or not, but my ears sure did! The little stinker talked non-stop today. She can be so funny. This morning in the van, she informed me that I was the Mama rock star kitty and she was the baby rock star kitty. Goofball. Sometimes she'll talk and talk about stuff I have no clue about, so I'll just acknowledge that she is talking by saying, "OK, whatever". Well tonight we were laying on the floor together and she was yakking...then she said, "Mom! Aren't you going to say whatever?!" Hahaha. So silly.

We spent some time outside playing this afternoon. I'm hoping it wore her out so she will sleep all yeah right, who am I kidding?

This evening we hung out watching Dancing With The Stars. Well, I saw as much as I could, hard to see it all with 4 kids bouncing around in here and talking. Yes, I said 4, Zach came out tonight to spend a day or so here. Supposedly he is taking Bree to the park by the house tomorrow to play.

Who, besides me watches Dancing With the Stars? What did you think about tonight's show? Who needs to go? I say Buzz. Kate's not so hot either, but I kinda hope she sticks around a while. She is the one that has no dancing skills, and no acting skills, she has to be taught, its all new to her...which is what the show is supposed to be about. I know a lot of people say she should be home with her kids...But, she is earning money for them. A lot of women work outside the home, this really isn't much different. Derek & Nicole were hot tonight, and so was Evan & Anna.

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I've started doing daily crafty/learning type things with Bree. Last week we did things that started with the letter A, this week is B. Its messy, and fun...and I hope she learns from it. Today we made a cotton ball bunny, we blew up a balloon, put a letter B on it and bopped it around, we also made nests for birds we are going to make later this week. Oh yeah, and we made a funny bunny hat too:


Tonight, Jilly ran into the kitchen for something and slipped and fell. She hit her ear on the corner of the kitchen counter on the way down. She has a big bruise thingy on her ear, its very painful. Ouch. Hopefully it teaches her to slow down a bit...

Before I close tonight, I would like to ask you to continue to keep my friends son Elliott in your thoughts. He still isn't doing well.

First a few cool bubble pics, because I think they are may disagree lol but its my blog and I can post them if I want. After the pics will be today's QOTD.




QOTD: If you could climb into "cartoon land," which cartoon character would you most like to be? Why?


Erica said...

My answer for the QOTD: Belle. From beauty and the beast, because she is gorgeous, she ends up marrying a hottie prince, becomes a princess, and have you seen the dresses she gets to wear!?

...either that or I'd be Astrid from the new movie How To Train Your Dragon.

...or if Avatar counts, I'd be one of those characters.

Your kids sound like a lot of fun! And a lot of crazy :) (in a good way of course!)

I haven't watched DWTS yet, as I don't have the right channels on TV and my cousin always uses the TV so I watch everything online. Which means I have to wait til tomorrow to see it! But I'll tell you right now, I'm rooting for Chelsie and Jake, because Chelsie is amazing and she's one of my role models, and Jake...well...he's cute. haha

Bria Lorck said...

Well for your QOTD, I don't know if this counts but if I could be a cartoon character I would be Hollywood from the movie "Cool World" because she's hot and mysterious!

Tammy said...

I think the bubble photos look great!